Honest, this $9.50 chemist face wash will get rid of your bum pimples and backne.


On a scale of one to pus explosion, bum pimples are up there among the most annoying types of pimples. Oh, and back pimples, too.

Sure, butt acne and backne isn’t in your face 24/7 like a big friendly chin zit, but you know they’re there. They also tend to be juicy whitehead pimples (the ones with white gunk-filled hats on), and thanks to their inconvenient location, it’s near impossible to pop those suckers yourself.

And because bum pimples can pop up when you’re wearing lots of activewear or non-breathable pants like, say, trackies, you might be experiencing them more now you’re working from home.

But fear not, because I’ve been to bum acne hell and back, and I found the solution: A $9.50 face wash you can buy at any pharmacy.

There are also some great, gentle acne recommendations in this episode of You Beauty below. Post continues after audio.

Before we get into it, here’s a quick bum pimples and backne summary:

  • Pimples on your bum and back are different to the pimples on your face because they’re not hormone-related.
  • Butt acne is generally either a bacterial inflammation, fungal or yeast related, or inflammation from irritants like dust and chemicals.
  • They can be caused by sweat, heat, wearing tight clothing and exposure to irritants.
  • To get rid of them:
    1. Find out what is causing your the pimples.
    2. Use antibiotics if it’s an infection.
    3. Use a cortisol steroid ointment if it’s an irritant or rash.
    4. Use an anti-bacterial wash, chemical exfoliant or alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) cleanser on the affected areas if it’s bacterial.

Now, onto the product that has significantly reduced the pimples on my bum, likely caused by sitting on said bum all day.

The Phisohex Antibacterial Face Wash.

This is what the 200ml Phisohex bottle looks like IRL. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

At $9.50 for 200ml and $19.49 for 500ml, this bottle is a budget-friendly bacteria-fighting superstar. I know, impressive.

Phisohex Antibacterial Face Wash is, as the name suggests, an antibacterial face wash used to treat acne and pimples. It's designed for acne-prone skin, but does wonders for killing the bacteria that causes pesky bum pimples. Bonus, it gets rid of stinky pits too.

I first heard about this product when Zoe Marshall recommended it on her You Beauty episode of In Her Bag and cross my heart, it's clearing up my butt acne. It's also a hit in Mamamia's You Beauty Facebook group, with many using it for teenage acne and body odour.

Phisohex is a clear, milky wash (not a stripping foaming cleanser) that looks a lot like moisturiser, doesn't foam up and isn't fragranced. I swipe a decent amount over the backs of my thighs, bum cheeks and under my armpits every night in the shower after washing with a body wash.

The wash is most like a cream cleanser and doesn't foam up at all. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

The main ingredient in Phisohex is Triclosan, a chemical ingredient used as an antibacterial and antifungal agent in common household products like soaps, toothpaste and hand sanitisers.

A word of warning: The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned Triclosan from being in their soaps in 2016. However, Phisohex Face Wash (triclosan 1% lotion bottle) is on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods, a list of products legal in Australia and tightly curated by our Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).


We all can decide which products/ingredients we do and don't want to put on our own bodies – for me, I personally wouldn't use Phisohex on my face because it'd be too stripping for my dry skin type, but I have no issues slathering it on my bum. In fact, I quite enjoy doing so.

If you're looking for other bum pimple treatments that don't contain Triclosan, you could try:

Image: Mecca.
Image: Alpha-H.
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No, butt acne products aren't the sexiest of recommendations. But, you're welcome.

Do you have a great butt acne/body pimples product recommendation? Tell us in the comments.

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