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Excuse us, Mike Gunner will kindly accept your nudes as long as you say hello first.

It’s been three months since Married at First Sight wrapped up, and Mike Gunner of “I’m not your therapist” fame, would like to make an admission.

When the show was on air, and while he was ‘technically’ married to his MAFS bride Heidi Latcham, the 43-year-old told Jana Hocking on her Love Sex Magic podcast that he received a lot of unsolicited nudes.

“I got a lot of nude pictures and stuff. [They were] as nude as you can get,” he said.

“Well, you take it as a compliment don’t you? I got a lot of compliments and that always makes you feel good,” he joked.

Let revisit MAFS, but without music. It’s a bit weird. Post continues. 

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He even made sure to reply to every nude, and message he got, with one notable exception.

“One of my things is that I respond to everyone,” he said.

“Unless it was somebody who didn’t introduce themselves and say, ‘Oh hey Mike, I really like you from the show, this is me nude.’ If they just sent the picture I was like nah, I would delete them.

“It’s like, you’ve got to introduce yourself, you’ve still got to have some manners.”

A little bit harsh? Perhaps. However, if you did make the effort to add in the idle chit chat, you’d be rewarded with the following response:

“I would say something like, ‘hey thank you for being so kind, it’s very flattering but I’m in a relationship,’” he said.


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As for any scandalous photos of his own, the tradie and podcaster admitted that although he maintains a ‘no dick pic’ policy, there may or may not be one floating around in the ether.

“I’ll be honest with you. I sent a girl one and I’ve been waiting for it to [come back around],” he laughed.

“You know you’re not sending many dick pics when you know there’s just the one out there.

“It’s a good one though,” he confirmed.

“It’s me fully nude, but I did use a little ‘colouring in’ to colour in… the downstairs bit.

“I only coloured it so you could see the scale of it, let’s put it that way.”

Good to know, Mike. Good. To. Know.


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A true gentleman and friend @cammerchant

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Alas, Gunner is currently dating Gold Cost model Jessi Williamson, so his ‘nudes policy’ probably no longer stands. Any fan mail is still probably appreciated. You might just get a response from the man himself.

Since his reality TV days, the controversial former reality TV star is keeping himself busy (and in the headlines) with his self-titled podcast, Mike Gunner Podcast, where he talks about ‘man-stuff’ (read: sex) and chats to his famous friends, like fellow MAFS alumni Jessika Power.

It may or may not be a little problematic, but it’s not like we’d expect anything less.

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