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Why you're absolutely wrong about Married at First Sight's Heidi.


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For this entire season of Married at First SightMike and Heidi’s relationship has been incredibly tumultuous.

From the very beginning at their honeymoon (we’ll never forget that fight over Heidi coughing) to their most recent date, things haven’t exactly been smooth-sailing.

I mean, seriously, at this point it almost feels like we’re a part of their relationship.

But perhaps the most confusing part of all is how the public has responded to the couple’s complicated relationship over the last two months.

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You see, according to fans of the show, there’s just one person to blame for the problems in Heidi and Mike’s relationship – and it’s Heidi.

On Twitter and Facebook alike, the 38-year-old radio announcer has been called absolutely every name under the sun.

But there’s one term that stands out above all – “high maintenance.”



Heidi isn’t high maintenance. She just wants to be shown a bit of basic consideration. Surely, that’s not too much to ask – especially from your partner, even of the fake TV kind variety? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

So for all the Heidi haters, here’s why you couldn’t be more wrong about her.


1. The boat date.

On last night’s episodeMike took Heidi on their final date within the experiment.

But there was a problem.

Despite knowing that Heidi gets seasick and hate boats, Mike decided to hire out an actual pirate ship on Sydney Harbour.

The one and only activity involved in the torturous date? Climbing to the very top of the boat’s sail.


"Heidi's going to be a bit anxious about this, but that's okay I'll help her," Mike said.

But Mike, nobody wants to do that.

Especially not a woman who gets goddamn seasick. And has specifically told you about it. 

2. That towel incident.

Earlier this season, Heidi and Mike had a heated argument over, erm, towels.

Speaking to the experts at the commitment ceremony, Heidi explained that Mike had been using "all the towels" so she was left with none when she showered.

“It’s just inconsideration. Whatever happens, that’s the common theme with whatever comes up with us,” she said.

“I don’t really see these things as problems,” Mike responded. “I’m not a grub, but I do leave some things around. And I get in trouble for it.”

But you see Mike, leaving towels on the ground is a problem.

No one wants to use a used, manky towel. No one.

Be more considerate, pls.

mafs heidi and mike

3. The dinner argument.

One night during the experiment, Mike went out to grab dinner for the couple only to return to the apartment with only one meal for himself.

"The shop was closed," Mike claimed.

Understandably, Heidi was pissed. Did Mike not think to call or text Heidi? No. Did he think to pick up anything else for his hungry wife? Nup.

And once again, she was dubbed by fans of the show as "high maintenance".

Please. This is honestly an offence worth leaving the experiment over.

4. She shouldn't have to settle.

Throughout this entire season, the experts have sided with Mike just as much as the audience have.

After telling Heidi that he feels like he “could try and fall in love with her”, Mike told the experts at one commitment ceremony that he feels like he’s walking on eggshells around his wife.

"Heidi doesn't like me calling it 'being moody' It feels like she reacts, you know, way over the top to something that might bother her. It could be something that I say to her that's, frankly, you know, innocuous, but it just sets her off," he said.


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"I feel like I'm in damage control a lot of the time."

The experts proceeded to side with Mike, claiming that the couple's marriage breakdown was all Heidi's fault.

"You say, Heidi, that you're prepared to do whatever it takes to make this work. I don't think you do. I think you're sabotaging this," John Aiken said.

"I don't think you want this. 'Cause the way you're acting... he's not gonna last. You guys are just starting to become people that are drifting apart," he added.

"Just settle, Heidi. Don’t sabotage your relationship, Heidi. Do you want to end up single, Heidi?"

But Heidi shouldn't settle.

Not for somebody who doesn't make her happy. Not for someone who her gut is screaming "no" about. And especially not for someone who doesn't seem to want to listen to her.

And if that means she's high maintenance, then so be it.

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