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What all the Married at First Sight contestants are doing now that the show has ended.

When the latest season of Married at First Sight left our screens, it took a part of us with it.

It was a hell of a journey, you see, one we couldn’t tear ourselves away from. (The sheer lack of mid-week social life helped here, we’ll admit).

But after spending weeks on end heavily invested in the newly married lives of a bunch of supremely dysfunctional couples – suddenly, it was just… over.

Watch: things I say when I watch MAFS. Post continues after.

Before we could say “Heavens to Betsy” our new acquaintances had left our lives forever, leaving nothing but a sad pile of fake wedding rings behind.

Well, those who aren’t still bouncing around in tabloid headlines or making the most of their newfound ~Instagram fame~, that is.

As it turns out, the MAFS contestants who don’t make the celebrity Z-list don’t just disappear off the face of the earth as we’d previously assumed.

They just… go back to their old jobs as though none of the crazy few months ever happened.

They are out there in the worl, walking among us. Meaning you could very well end up having your hair cut by one in a small town shopping centre, or spy a rogue one in hi-vis at your local pub for Friday knock-offs.


We imagine they look pretty different when they’re not shielding themselves from flying glasses of red wine, so to make it a little easier to spot an ex-MAFS contestant in its natural habitat, we’ve done the grunt work for you by figuring out where they work.

(Yes, this is our lives now).

Here’s what we’ve discovered about  a handful of them:

Cyrell Paule

The contestant we obviously care most about and miss with all our hearts is Cyclone Cyrell.

We know that before MAFS she was working as a health fund consultant, but as for whether she’s gone back to her previous position, we’re not so sure.

According to Who magazine, since the start of April, Cyrell has made “$27,000 for nine days work” in nightclub appearances around the country.

We’re not sure what these appearances entail exactly, but we imagine she’s expected to cause at least one fight during them.

cyrell mafs
Gone (from our tellies), but not forgotten.

Mick Gould

The unlikely bogan hero of the program, believe it or not, hasn't found success as a caterer specialising in grazing tables.

His talents are wasted if you ask us.

Now, he's working as a plasterer and tending to his hobby farm in Gympie, Queensland.


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Drenching time with dreamboats

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Sam Ball

When he's not contracting chicken pox, sticking his finger in women's mouths and having fake affairs, Sam Ball spends his days working as a tradie.

According to Daily Mail, he is believed to be working on the WestConnex underground motorway and has been spotted on various construction sites around Sydney recently.

"Lol remember when I married a random on TV."

Ning Sura

After leaving the show, Ning went back to work as a hairdresser at a Just Cuts salon in a Townsville shopping centre, where fans reportedly flock to have their hair done by the local star.

Here she is enjoying the fruits of great workplace lighting.

("Watch me snip watch me spray spray" might be up there with one of our favourite Instagram captions in the history of the internet, by the way):


Elizabeth Sobinoff

Lizzie is back working at jewellery store Zamel's as a store manager again, but now she's using her newfound fame to get more customers through the door.


"I'm going to be at Zamel's Westfield Hornsby all day today, and would love to meet some of you guys out there!" she posted to Instagram in April.


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Hello beautiful people out there! As you know, I’ve made it no secret that one of my favourite, guilty pleasures is jewellery...... I love it all....... I’m obsessed with ALL of it ???? especially diamonds ???? it’s sentimental, it’s sparkly, it’s just a compliment to any outfit and is there for your own unique style! I’m going to be at Zamels Westfield Hornsby all day today, and would love to meet some of you guys out there! There will be a 1 carat tw diamond ring giveaway in Zamels stores this Saturday (20th of April) (Vic, Nsw and SA stores only) there will only be one diamond ring to giveaway in each of the stores for the first customer to spend over $1499.... so hurry in guys ........ Also, we know I have an obsession with the sparkles.... but what is your guilty obsession??????? Let me know! *t+c apply ???? @zamelsjewellery

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Mike Gunner

A fact that never fails to terrify us, Mike's relationship podcast is officially up and running and we truly hope no one is taking actual advice from it.

It's believed to be a side hustle, as he is still working as an electrician to pay the bills.

Mike MAFS Bella Frizze
It's actually called 'I'm Not Your Therapist'.

Heidi Latcham

Mike's "ex-wife" Heidi is working on the Sunshine Coast as a breakfast radio host on 919 Sea FM.

Her show is called BarRat & Heidi for Breakfast. Yes, BarRat.

Ines, Jessika and Martha

The season's "villains" are all in similar lines of work which is... well, not much.

They're each having a crack at the influencer life, with makeup artist Martha making a play for YouTube fame, and former legal secretary Ines and administrator Jess both endorsing products on Instagram for cash.

Jules and Cam

MAFS ~golden couple~ Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant are said to be "ambitious" in building up their brand.

According to Daily Mail, the engaged couple have signed with a management company, with salon manager Jules soon to release her own shapewear range, and retired cricketer Cameron vying for a career in TV or radio.