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We're calling it: A complete list of the celebrities behind the masks on The Masked Singer.

Australia is obsessed with The Masked Singer, and for good reason.

The musical mystery show combines all our favourite elements of reality TV: competitive B to D list celebrities, extravagant disguises and highly produced musical performances. Lindsay Lohan bantering with Dave Hughes is just an added cherry on top.

We’re in finals week and we’re still trying to guess the famous identities hidden beneath the masks – a challenge we have wholeheartedly accepted.

Using all the clues we’ve garnered from the show and social media, here’s our very thorough and exhaustive investigation into who they might be.

Watch The Masked Singer’s Octopus, who was none other than former Big Brother host, Gretel Kileen. Post continues below.

Video by Channel 10

Monster – Gorgi Coghlan

Regular host of The Project, Gorgi Coghlan, has to be the woman inside Monster’s costume.

Like her hot pink counterpart, Coughlan spends a lot of her time ‘living in the shadows’ on her farm on Ballarat, where she is regularly seen with her horses.


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Horse love ???? #fridayafternoonsonthefarm

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She also deals with “heavy material,” as in the emotional stories she covers as a journalist.

Hi Gorgi! Image: Channel 10.

As for the science reference? Before Coughlan became a star in front of the camera, she was actually a science and biology teacher. She also holds a Bachelor of Science (majoring in pharmacology and zoology).

Case closed.


Wolf - Rob Mills

Here's what we know about the celeb behind Wolf's mask: he's a "triple threat," meaning he can sing, dance and act, and he "was known years before I was successful."

Although Rob Mills first came to fame in Australian Idol in 2003, and now stars in Neighbours, he's held many jobs in the entertainment industry in between, from hosting Young Talent Time, to co-hosting The Mint.


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He also cemented his 'triple threat' status when he played the lead male role of Fiyero in the live musical Wicked. His wolf costume may also be another clue, which alludes to the fact Mills' has also appeared in the popular musical Into the Woods.

wolf singer
Image: Ten.

FoxFM radio producer, Leon Sjogren, further stoked the rumours, when he made a Twitter post, sharing a photo of him posing next to Wolf, with the caption: "Me with @RobMillsyMills". He later had to confirm in a later tweet, that he was, "just guessing like everyone else".

"Just to clarify to all those people saying I’ve ruined the show, I was absolutely speculating and have no knowledge who it is," he wrote.

Robot - Cody Simpson

A millennial celebrity born of the digital age, at just 22 years old, Cody Simpson has achieved a lot. Like the Robot, the singer is an avid surfer, releasing an album titled Surfers Paradise in 2013.


In 2007 the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) also named Simpson as its first-ever Ocean Advocate, accounting for the UN sign we saw in Robot's clue package.

masked singer robot
While talking about the ocean and a love for environmental issues, the robot was spotted with a surfboard. Image: Ten.

Robot's final clue saw him state that "growing up I was surrounded by gold and as a young Robot my favourite animal was the butterfly, but now I prefer something that goes tweet." Cody was born on Queensland's Gold Coast, formerly swam butterfly in a competitive capacity, and is now an avid, and regular tweeter.

Check, check and check.


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The celebrities that have been unmasked.

Spider - Paulini Curuenavuli

After Kate Miller-Heidke confirmed that she was  most definitely NOT Spider, we always knew Spider was former Australian Idol contestant, Paulini Curuenavuli.

As per Spider's clue package, the 36-year-old has faded in and out of the spotlight since her debut on our screens in 2003, and she faced public backlash after pleading guilty to bribing a government official in order to obtain her driver's licence. In 2017 she also told the Sydney Morning Herald that she credits her father with teaching her how to harmonise.

The Masked Singer Australia Singers

More importantly, if Paulini is Spider, it explains why pictures of both Pope Benedict XVI and Jennifer Aniston made an appearance on Wednesday night's episode. Both Paulini and Aniston have played characters named Rachel; Jennifer as Rachel Green on Friends and Curuenavuli as Rachel Marron in The Bodyguard Musical. Paulini's connection to Pope Benedict XVI dates back to 2008, when the singer performed for the religious leader.

Spider's last clue: "if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, or call a fireman, but don't burn," could be a reference to Paulini's 2012 song, 'Fireman,' and the music video for 'Rough Day,' which also features the singer in a kitchen.


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Unicorn - Deni Hines

We were convinced that the Unicorn in none other than Deni Hines, and we were right.

unicorn masked singer
Who is unicorn? Image: Ten.

Although Unicorn hinted that there's a long history within her bloodlines, she's also very  "aware of those who've gone before". Hines' mother is none other than Australia music legend, Marcia Hines, the 49-year-old has crafted her own career in the music industry.

Also it needs to be said that Unicorn's voice is a match for Hines' own soulful, jazzy, alto tones. Just watch Unicorn's performance here, and then listen to Hines in her 2009 record, Imagination.

Told you so.


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Rhino - Wendell Sailor

Ok... we were wrong - we first believed this was Brendan Fevola. Despite the evidence, of which there was A LOT, rugby footballer, Wendell Sailor was the man behind the mask.

Like Fevola, he is also 191cm tall, but instead of Aussie Rules, Sailor is a former rugby league and rugby union player.

When it came to his clue package, the sail boat cake was an obvious reference to his last name, while Rhino's line that his "greatest success was the year Sydney held the Olympic Games," spoke to the 2000 Rugby League World Cup, where Sailor was the top try-scorer and player of the tournament.

Ship cake = Fevola's time on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here. Image: Channel 10.

Alien - Nikki Webster

An extraterrestrial who's fallen from fame, there was no doubt Alien is Nikki Webster. It has to be.

Webster's 2000 music video for 'Strawberry Kisses' was even filmed on a space ship.

Is the Spice Girls a reference to the 2000s, or a bigger clue?. Image: Ten.

When asked whether she's ever had a "single on the Australian music chart," Alien replied with, "When you pursue your dreams success will follow and a lot of heavy metal came my way," potentially referring to the two Aria awards Webster won in 2001.

The 155cm-tall contestant also said she had a sudden rise and fall from the spotlight, like the Aussie singer who near-disappeared from the charts after performing at the 2000s Sydney Olympics.


Lion - Kate Ceberano

On Monday night, singer Kate Ceberano was revealed to be behind the lion's mask. And yep, we guessed it.



Feisty, fierce and determined, singer Kate Ceberano has tried many things in her career. She was one of the first judges on The X-Factor in 2005, has performed in musical theatre, and has also written a memoir: I'm Talking: My Life, My Words, My Music. 

Lion is sure to go down with a fight. Image: Channel 10.

In 2014 the 52-year-old was also the first Australian woman to be inducted into the Australian Songwriters Association (ASA) Hall of Fame, alluding to Lion's clue that you have to "fight hard to be on top on this big island".


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It’s the Keith and kak kacharach show tonight here in Canberra @brainstorm4acure charity event! Audience went bonkers!!!

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Prawn - Darren McMullen

Prawn is another celebrity we did not guess. Prawn brought swagger to the stage, and we thought it was former Boyzone singer, Ronan Keating.

However last week, it was revealed to be Darren McMullen.

MAsked Singer Prawn
So much swagger. Image: Ten.

Prawn's other clues talked about how McMullen's work has taken him all over the world, and has seen him be in the "public eye both here, in the UK and America".


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Thanks for the memories Prawn. Had an absolute ball on #themaskedsingerau Did anyone guess ?

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Dragon - Adam Brand

A storyteller with the ability to inspire laughter, and tears, this was a reference to Adam Brand's 20 plus year long career as a prominent Aussie country musician.

In 2018, Brand also covered New Zealand rock band, Dragon's song Rain, along with Scott Darlow, Sarah McLeod, Jack Jones and Todd Hunter, donating their proceeds to help Australian farmers suffering from the drought.

A storyteller and race car enthusiast, just like Adam Brand. Image: Channel 10.

Dragon's clue that he's done "a few more laps than the average Aussie dragon," was referring to to Brand's passion for racing, having competed in the amateur Lismore Legend series in 2015.


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Octopus - Gretel Killeen

Former Big Brother host Gretel Killeen was the first celebrity to be voted off, unveiling herself to be the Octopus.

Killeen's reveal made headlines after Lindsay Lohan pretended to know who she was, despite the very small chance of that being the case.

None of the other judges guessed Killeen, with many believing it was Courtney Act.


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What an entrance! Octopus absolutely dazzled us. Got a guess to join our panelists? #MaskedSingerAU

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Parrot - Brett Lee

This is another celebrity we didn't guess correctly.

Australian cricketing legend Brett Lee revealed himself to be the colourful Parrot on The Masked Singer Australia.

Clues such as "I love my life at high speed," and "I've flown all over the world following the sun," were reference to his extremely successful international cricket career.


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Don't LoriKEEP your guesses to yourself, who do you think is squawking underneath the Parrot mask? #MaskedSingerAU

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This article was originally published on October 2 and was updated on October 15. 

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