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Who is the wolf on The Masked Singer Australia? It's definitely Rob Mills.

The security employed by Channel 10 to protect the sacred identities of their celebrities on The Masked Singer has been likened to that of a military mission.

Indeed, only four Channel 10 executives know the furry animals’ true identities – such is the extreme length the network has gone to, to keep the competing stars a secret.

It’s unfortunate, hence, that approximately every Australian knows who the howling Wolf is.

So far, we (almost definitely) know Cody Simpson is the smooth-moving Robot and Kate Ceberano is the Lion. And now, we’re almost certain we have discovered who the Wolf is, too.

It’s Rob Mills and I have proof, please.

who is the wolf on the masked singer australia
Me, computing the clues on the Masked Singer each week. Image: Giphy.

After computing all the evidence, it is practically irrefutable that Rob Mills is currently pretending to be a wolf for Dave Hughes. Yes, that is a big call. No, you won't hear from me again should I be wrong.

Who is the wolf on The Masked Singer Australia?

It's (probably) Rob Mills. Let me present the facts:

Clue: "Am I the wolf? I have that reputation. Maybe that’s why I’m up all night."

Evidence: In 2004, Mills released his first album, 'Up All Night'.

Clue: "As a pup, I was keen on sport," the wolf explained while holding an AFL ball.

Evidence: In 2012, Mills revealed to the Daily Telegraph that he played AFL until he was 18-years-old, when his dad encouraged him to pursue singing instead.


Watch: The Wolf performs on The Masked Singer Australia. Post continues after video. 

Video by Channel 10

Clue: "I know how to draw attention in a competition," AND, "Although I wasn't the runt of the littler, I wasn't number one either."

Evidence: Mills was on the first season of Australian Idol in 2003, and made it to the top five.

Clue: "I am a triple threat."

Evidence: Indeed, Mills is a singer, television host and actor.

Clue: "You won't find this wolf in the same place I started."

Evidence: Although he started out as a singer, he's now known for playing Fin Kelly on Neighbours.

Clue: "I’ve been an apprentice a couple of times."

Evidence: Before becoming a singer, Mills completed an electrical apprenticeship. Then in 2013, Robert Mills competed on Celebrity Apprentice.

Clue: Posters of Kylie Minogue and Holly Valance in the room.

Evidence: Both actresses were on Neighbours before him.

Clue: "Getting to where I am now is a miracle, like walking on water."

Evidence: In 2017, Mills played Jesus in rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.

It's. Just. Too. Obvious.

Sorry, Channel 10. Maybe next time?

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