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All the clues you may have missed in episode two of The Masked Singer Australia.

If you weren’t watching The Masked Singer last night, then what were you doing with your life?

No, really.

The quirky, ‘mystery singing’ show has captured Aussie viewers, and we’re calling it… this might be some of Osher’s best work.

Last night we had to bid farewell to Parrot, who revealed himself as famed Australian cricketer, Brett Lee. Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue had the closest guess, opting for fellow cricketer Shane Warne, while their fellow judges guesses were more off-kilter, listing names like Nick Cummins, AKA the Honey Badger, and former professional surfer and model, Kelly Slater.

Watch Brett Lee sing the Aussie pub classic, ‘What’s My Scene’ by Hoodoo Gurus. Post continues below.

Video by The Masked Singer

With Parrot’s identity unmasked, that still leaves five other mystery singers from last night’s round – Dragon, Monster, Spider, Rhino and Lion, and we’ve rounded up all the clues you might have missed from Tuesday night’s episode.


Height: 172cm

Strength: Power.

Song: ‘Geronimo’ by Sheppard

The first mask off the rank, Dragon is a self-confessed ‘brute’. In Dragon’s set of clues, they made several mentions of being older, stating that their “world is timeless and slowly changing”.

Dragon also hinted at being a storyteller, adding they have the ability to ‘roast’ people with fire, and make people laugh, or cry, indicating they might be a journalist, comedian or TV or radio personality.

Dragon must be a 'presenter' of some sort. Image: Channel 10.

In one of Dragon's more cryptic clues, they hinted they have "petrol" in their veins, perhaps alluding they have a history in racing cars, or has a parent or family member who did.

When asked about their age, Dragon shared that they've done "a few more laps than the average Aussie dragon," again emphasising their age and potential experience in their field.

Who are you?? Image: Channel 10.


The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Grant Denyer.

Jackie O: Sam Newman.

Lindsay Lohan: Lewis Hamilton.

Dave Hughes: Ernie Dingo.


Height: 164cm

Strength: Likeability.

Song: 'Think' by Aretha Franklin.

We know from Monster's clue package that they have had experience with horses, science, and more vaguely - dealing with "heavy material" - something they've done since an early age.

They said their life is split between "two worlds," and partly spent "in the shadows" away from the spotlight. In one shot, Monster is seen carrying a sack marked with the letter, 'O' as for what that stands for, we have no idea.

Science AND horses? Image: Channel 10.

Monster also mentions that in their work, people want to be "first past the post" - which could be a reference to the method of voting used in Australia, indicating a possible political career. Despite wowing judges with their professionally-trained, bluesy, soulful voice, Monster remained tight-lipped when asked whether they're a classically-trained singer.

"I have trained as many things, but I changed horses at the middle of the stream," Monster replied, cryptically.


Audiences also picked up the fact that Monster's backup dances, were wearing nurse costumes, perhaps suggesting they could be part of the medical profession or community.

Do we have a former Saddle Club member?Image: Channel 10.


The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Miranda Tapsell.

Jackie O: Deni Hines.

Lindsay Lohan: Kelly Rowland.

Dave Hughes: Miley Cyrus. Side note: C'mon Hughesy.


Height: 175cm.

Strength: Mysterious.

Song: 'Toxic' by Britney Spears.

This celebrity says the Spider is a good fit for them as their "web of life has so many different strands". Spider is accustomed to the spotlight, an international writer, and has a prominent father who taught them everything they know.

Who is the moustached man (spider) in the photo? Image: Channel 10.

Spider also shared that they've been subject to backlash or public scrutiny, adding that "sometimes you're adored, and sometimes you get squashed".

Before leaving the stage, Spider told cameras the judges weren't "even halfway close to knowing" their identity.


The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Willow Smith.

Jackie O: Amy Sheppard.

Lindsay Lohan: La Toya Jackson.

Dave Hughes: Sia.


Height: 191cm.

Strength: Strong-headed.

Song: 'Shotgun' by George Ezra.

Determined and dangerous, Rhino might seem "laid back" but this persona has hurt them in the past. Rhino also hints they haven't remained loyal to a company or a team, however adding they've still enjoyed a string of "top jobs".

Did Rhino do a chicken commercial? Is Rhino really fond of green cocktails? Why is that man on a space hopper??? Image: Channel 10.

While Rhino did find critical acclaim - and admits they were a former "rock star" - they've since stopped their partying ways, although maybe this was because they got into trouble for their reckless behaviour. Alas, after taking a break from the spotlight, Rhino seems to now be back in the public's good graces.

In one pertinent scene, Rhino is seen sitting alone at a birthday party, with a holding shot dedicated to a sailboat-shaped cake. While the judges suspected Rhino might have been a rugby player, Rhino neither confirmed nor denied this, but added: "My greatest success was the year Sydney held the Olympic Games".

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? Image: Channel 10.


The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Brendan Fevola.

Jackie O: Wendell Sailor.

Lindsay Lohan: Russell Crowe.

Dave Hughes: The Green Machine - Danny Green.


Height: 152.4cm.

Strength: Nobility.

Song: 'High Hopes' by Panic! at the Disco.

Our final masked singer is the fierce Lion. Stating they came to acclaim through a competition - perhaps a reality TV show - which they entered in their youth, Lion said this "changed everything," and bought them "close to their idols"... potentially referring to a show like Australian Idol, Shark Tank or even Survivor.

Is the red hair a clue? Image: Channel 10.

Throughout Lion's career they've "tried a lot" of different things. When asked whether they've "won a competition on TV," Lion responded with: "I'm a very competitive person and television has been a very important of my career".

Make of that what you will.

Lion is sure to go down with a fight. Image: Channel 10.

The guesses from the judges;

Dannii Minogue: Casey Donovan.

Jackie O: Vanessa Amorosi.

Lindsay Lohan: Mark Holden.

Dave Hughes: Julia Gillard.

Who do you think are the celebrities behind the mask? Tell us in a comment below.

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