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We're calling it: Deni Hines is definitely the Unicorn on The Masked Singer Australia.


Guessing what celebrities are pretending to be furry animals in front of Lindsay Lohan has indeed become one of our favourite past-times.

So far, Gretel Killeen, Nikki Webster, Wendell Sailor, Brett Lee and Darren McMullen have been unveiled on The Masked Singer Australia.

That means there is still seven reveals to go, and tonight will be one of them – with Unicorn, Dragon, Monster and Spider set to battle it out for a position in the semi-finals.

And we think we know exactly who Unicorn is.

Judges have guessed celebrities such as Mel B, Kelly Rowland and Kelly Osbourne to be the dancing Unicorn. Oh, and Sophie Monk.

But they would (probably) be wrong. Because obviously Unicorn is Deni Hines and we have evidence.

who is the unicorn on the masked singer australia
Deni Hines aka unicorn on The Masked Singer Australia. Image: Getty.

Is Deni Hines the Unicorn on Masked Singer?

Let me present the evidence. Ahem.

Clue: "We are creatures born of legends, with bloodlines through the ages."

Evidence: Hines' mother is Australian music legend, Marcia Hines.

Clue: "Although the early days were rocky."

Evidence: Hines' first single was with Aussie band Rockmelons.


Clue: "It seemed like my voice was in the background."

Evidence: Before her career as a solo artist, Hines was a backing vocalist for artists including Kylie Minogue and Jimmy Barnes.

Watch: The Unicorn performs Perfect on The Masked Singer Australia. Post continues after video. 

Video by Network 10

Clue: "I have gone my own way, trotted my own path but always aware of the steps that came before me."

Evidence: Hines has indeed crafted her own career in the music industry as a solo performer.

Clue: "I have been the princess, but never the queen."

Evidence: Deni's mother was largely dubbed the Queen of Pop. In the 90s, Deni was a pop princess for her singles including "It's Alright".

Clue: "The greatest miracle any unicorn can perform is to spread joy throughout the world."

Evidence: In the 90s, Deni released song "Joy".

Clue: "That [reality show] is not where my fame comes from. Unicorns do not believe in taking shortcuts."

Evidence: Deni Hines was on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011.

Clue: Her soulful, alto voice.

Evidence: Deni's soulful, alto voice - dead giveaway.

I'll... stop now. But yes, it would seem Deni Hines is the unicorn on The Masked Singer.

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