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"Olivia stops at nothing." Everything we know about the MAFS 'nude photo scandal'.

This season of Married At First Sight has given us one dollop of chaos after another. 

And the next 'scandal' has been queued up for this week, with the show following the storyline that a 'nude photo' was leaked by another member of the group. 

In the promos we saw contestants Sam, Tamara, Jackson, Cody and Selina all admit to having seen a photo of "a particular bride in her birthday suit, laying on the bed with her butt up".

Watch the trailer for this season of Married At First Sight Australia. Post continues after video. 

Video via Nine Network.

And this week, viewers saw plenty of discussion among the MAFS contestants about the "nude photo scandal" and Domenica's Only Fans - and a lot of the discussion was pretty problematic

As Jack pointed out to Domenica: "Everyone has seen a photo of you naked!" And without her realisation or consent too. 

So, ahead of the mayhem, here is everything we know. 

The person in the alleged naked photo is Domenica.

Domenica received quite the earful this week. 

In fellow bride Sam's opinion, she didn't believe the photos were that much of an issue.


"There is a photo of a bride and look, I did see it," she explained to Yahoo. "To be honest, I am a relatively sex-positive person and everyone’s on OnlyFans these days, so I didn't really think too much of it at the time.

"Like, whatever, everyone’s got a nude out there floating on the internet, who really cares. I didn’t pass it on and it left my mind. I had my own problems.

"I obviously wasn’t at the beginning of the [distribution] line, so I was very confused on what they knew, and why they knew, and how they knew, and who else knew, and what it meant for the group. We were all just like, 'Oh f**k'."

She added: "But you’ve got to love the drama... And you know what? I don’t even think that's the most dramatic thing that ever happens again. It’s too much. I swear we’re all going to need therapy for the rest of our lives."

Listen to Mamamia Out Loud, hosted by Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman. Post continues after audio. 

Olivia is the culprit.

As we discovered this week, Olivia made it clear she has no intention of "ever" being friends with Domenica ...which makes this whole situation just a little bit sus.

So after the glass-smashing event, Olivia decided to do some "research" on "who she's dealing with". And after such research, she came across an Only Fans account. Domenica's to be exact.

Another participant anonymously told the So Dramatic! podcast that the only ones of the group who had not seen the photos were Ella and Mitch. 

On top of this, the source revealed Domenica was allegedly "blindsided at the dinner party and had no idea this was going around or was even going to be brought up."

They went on to say that there were two brides - Selina and Tamara - who'd planned to pull her to the side and let her know about the photo. 

However, Cody took it upon himself to bring it up in front of everyone. 

“In hindsight, we think he just wanted to involve himself because he knew he would get airtime,” the source said. 

The entire group then exploded as a result of the nude photo. Cue some sl*t shaming. 

“It’s pretty f**ked how the entire group go about it," the anonymous contestant explained. "They literally went on a witch hunt for Domenica.

"Olivia is just trying to tarnish Dom’s reputation and paint her as the bad guy to save herself. It was pretty s**tty that the group fell for it."

Feature Image: Channel 9.

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