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We’re calling it: This season of Married at First Sight has been entirely scripted.

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We don’t remember a time when Married at First Sight wasn’t on television 15 nights a week.

We no longer exercise. We no longer recognise our families. Our beds have been left unmade and the washing has been sitting wet in the machine for six weeks.

We are far too busy for any of those silly tasks, because it is now our part time job to watch grown women throw fruit bowls and yell, “I’M NOT AFRAID YOU BRUTHA” at producers while on national television.

Video by Channel Nine

But there’s something we’ve begun to… notice.

It’s in the delivery. And the frequent editing fails. And the awkward cheating set ups that other contestants are entirely oblivious to even though they’re right outside the door.

Married at First Sight has become scripted and we have FEELINGS about it.

Here is our irrefutable evidence.

The wrong room number

During the Ines and Sam cheating scandal, that followed the exact same story line as our good friends from last season, Dean and Davina, there were a number of editing fails that suggested the whole thing was set up.

First, Ines knocked on door 1904, but when Sam answered, the room number had changed to 1902.

sam mafs
According to our calculations they are different doors. Credit: @mafsfunny

What this suggests is that the same scene was shot in different rooms which DOESN'T SOUND VERY REALITY TV TO ME.

Then there was the underwear change. Ines arrived at Sam's in black underwear, and woke up in white underwear, which is something we've never personally experienced.

ines mafs
LIES. Credit: @mafsfunny

'Sources' (who we would never ordinarily pay attention to but in this case they fit our argument thank YOU very much) told Now To Love that producers pushed Sam into the affair with Ines, telling him it would "be the biggest story on the show".


A different source told the publication that Bronson was convinced during filming that Ines was an actress, and that the cast noticed she was always speaking to producers. When the cameras weren't rolling, the cast allegedly said, she wasn't nearly as 'full on'.

The woman Sam dated after the show, Akila Ahmunett, said, "Sam just did what the producers wanted, but I know he's embarrassed now."

If we can't trust Akila, then who can we trust?

Jessika's nails entirely changed overnight

The morning after Jessika flirted came on to Nic/Dan/the pot plant in the corner, she woke up feeling a little guilty.

But something wasn't right about the continuity.

The night before, her nails had been light pink and kinda... pointy. But when she woke up the next morning, they were bright red and round.

Jessika less than 12 hours apart.

Did she get home at 2am and call an emergency manicurist? 


It would seem that scene was not, in fact, shot the morning after - which would have required some... acting. Which brings us to...

The paid actors theory

Almost everyone on this show is a Z-grade actor and yes we need to talk about it.

Cyrell, who we love unconditionally, explosively claimed that some of her co-stars, including husband Nic, were only on the show to boost their acting careers.


Mike Gunner, Sam Ball, Dino Hira, Susie Bradley and Billy Vincent are among those with backgrounds in acting, while Jessika Power and Melissa Lucarelli have a bunch of on-camera and modelling experience.

Mike Gunner doing an act.

In January, Telv Williams from last season of Married at First Sight, claimed there were paid actors on the show.

"... I wonder how many paid actors they've hired this year? I know most were actors in our season. I can't believe it hasn't come out yet," he wrote on Instagram.

The questions that were clearly edited by producers

A scene this week depicted Tamara's aunty interrogating her husband Dan with a list of questions.

If you were to... pause and screenshot on those questions... which we absolutely did... then here is what you'd find.


It looks like a producer has gone through and changed the word 'show' to 'experiment', which in and of itself isn't a massive deal.

BUT - it does suggest that producers have some influence over what is asked and how.

They stole a plot line from last season of Married at First Sight. Twice.

Viewers are a little pissed off because we've seen the Dean and Davina plot line (which, we'll all admit, was excellent the first time) play out this season. Twice.

Somehow, no one notices when two people get up from the communal dinner party and start hooking up next door.

They even have a dedicated cheating corner so wouldn't you know that when a man and a woman head there together it's to do a cheat?

Cyrell's changing shoes

One of the biggest moments of this season was obviously when Cyclone Cyrell went rogue and attacked a woman wearing a face mask.

When she heard there was a rumour that Nic was flirting with Jess, Cyrell clearly said, "LET ME GET MA SHOES," and hurriedly put them on.

Everyone knows high heels will only slow you down in a fight, but we digress.

Cyrell was pictured putting on a pair of beige heels. But when she physically attacked Martha aka Kim Kardashian, she was wearing black boots.

The Cyrell fight.
The Cyrell fight. Credit: @mafsfunny

Tamara's most recent Instagram post

Last night, when we were all just minding our own business stalking reality TV stars on Instagram, Tamara posted a picture to Instagram.


"Catching up up on all the gossip with my girl Susie (can tag her if you like)" the caption reads and holy crap this was written by a producer and literally copied and pasted by Tamara.

Nothing we see is real and now we're starting to question everything. 

So, we're calling it.

This season of Married at First Sight is scripted but that doesn't mean we won't continue to love every bloody minute of it.