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The close up of a piece of paper that confirms our suspicions about Married at First Sight.

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While we can’t stop watching Married at First Sight, it continues to give us reasons to think it might be… entirely fake.

This season’s editing fails have been plentiful, and while we’ve long known every reality program is controlled to some extent by producers, we’d like to at least pretend some of it is real.

Tonight’s addition to the collection of editing fails/proof of blatant over-production was the list of questions Tamara’s family had for Dan.

On meeting Tamara’s aunt and sister, shady Dan was placed squarely under the grill via a printed list of prepared questions. But we couldn’t help but notice something… odd about the list.

Each question had a tick next to it, as though it had been approved by ~someone~ who we strongly suspect is on the Channel 9 payroll.

We also noticed that each reference to a “show” had been crossed out in place of “experiment,” because god dammit Tamara’s relatives, we are trying to fool viewers into believing these people are honestly looking for love and not Instagram followers.

We also feel like John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Trisha Stratford would strongly object to their expertise contributing to just a “show” and not an “experiment”.

It's an EXPERIMENT, not a SHOW. Image: Channel 9.

One question (which had since been crossed out), asked whether Dan was really trying to find love, or whether he was just trying to find fame, like his brother.



Turns out Dan's younger brother Sam Webb has featured on Home and Away and Neighbours, and in 2016 appeared on Australian Survivor.


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Hola with Mumsy & Lenny ???? #farmlife #airliebeach #whitsundays #family #love

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Verrrrrry interesting.

The list joins a series of suspicious details from other episodes, including (but probably not limited to):

-The fact that Tamara Joy’s home in the Melbourne suburb of Hoppers Crossing popped up on Airbnb.

Yep. Definitely the same house. Image: 9Now/Airbnb.

-When Nic and Cyrell appeared to get changed overnight.

nic-cyrell-mafs editing fail
They went to bed on Monday and woke up in completely different outfits on Tuesday. Image: 9Now

-When Jesskia Power was in two places at once.

-When Ines knocked on Sam’s hotel room door and the number magically changed.


-When Jess woke up the "morning after the dinner party" with completely different coloured nails.


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