Australia reacts to Jessika and Cyrell's brutal face-off on Married at First Sight.

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Here we go again.

Who would have thought that Cyrell would be getting into an explosive confrontation with her Married at First Sight castmates at one of the dinner parties?

Everyone. We all saw the return of Cyclone Cyrell coming, and we love it.

Because if Australia can rely on any of the contestants to confront their co-stars about their questionable antics, it is Cyrell.

The MAFS star, married to Nic, just blew up at Jessika over her plan to continue her relationship with Mick, only so she can pursue her affair with Dan.

It’s… confusing. But Cyrell has us covered.

mafs jessika
You don't want to mess with Cyclone Cyrell. Image: Channel Nine

"She can't play with people's emotions like that and she's just been playing Mick," Cyrell told the cameras.

"To be honest I wanted to call her out in front of everyone".

And... that's exactly what she did.

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Explaining that she "just really can't stand liars," Cyrell was motivated to put Mick out of his misery by confronting Jessika.

After Jessika returned from her conversation with Dan, confirming their spark, Cyrell told Jess, "if there's one person you don't want to lie to, that's me."


They went to have a private conversation, that soon became public once their shouts were overheard by the other contestants, and Cyrell told everyone the truth.

Here's how Australia reacted to Cyrell and Jessika's brutal face-off (spoiler alert: They love Cyrell and are campaigning for her return next season). Enjoy...






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