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"Get your facts right." Married at First Sight's Cyrell has shared an angry rant with viewers.

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Cyrell Paule has criticised Married At First Sight viewers who were “talking a lot of s**t” about her brother Ivan in an angry Snapchat rant.

In Monday’s episode, Ivan had a one-on-one chat with Nic Jovanovic in which he told the 28-year-old to stay away from his sister.

This had many viewers telling Ivan on social media to back off and leave the couple to sort out their own issues. And of course, as they do on Twitter, things got out of hand. In fact, plenty of comments aimed at Ivan were too vicious to print.


Cyrell wasn’t about to sit back and have people criticise her brother online without defending him.

“So considering tonight’s episode, I thought I’d do a quick video because of all these f***ing comments,” she said in a video posted to Snapchat.

“Anyways so tonight’s episode my brother is copping a lot of heat, people are talking a lot of s**t you know.

Image: Snapchat

"First of all you don’t know my family, you guys weren’t there and you don’t know the full f***ing story.

"So before you f***ing start running your mouth, maybe if you get all your f***ing facts right and stay tuned to the end before you start f***ing dropping bombs."

Cyrell's strong defence of her brother while leaving Nic out of it seems to be a good indication she and her "husband" have split since the show's end.

But if we needed more proof the couple wasn't going to work out, their sharp exchange on Instagram is probably it.

Fan Instagram account MAFS Funny shared a screenshot of Cyrell replying to Nic laughing at his basketball skills with, "It’s hilarious huh Nic … just as funny as u flirting around with Jess".


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These two are done pretending they're still married then ????????

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In Tuesday night's episode though, the couple left things in an amicable place when Nic, following Ivan's request, left her family's home.

"I don't think it's the end for me and Nic," Cyrell told the camera as she wished her spouse goodbye. 

Nic didn't seem quite as sure, telling the camera: "I don't know. Now we're pretty much not gonna see each other until the next dinner party. Yeah, I'm not too sure how it's gonna go."

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