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'Tag her if you like.' The Instagram caption from MAFS' Tamara that definitely wasn't meant to be there.

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Married At First Sight’s Tamara Joy has suffered a slighting embarrassing Instagram fail. But, as fans point out, it may not be entirely her fault.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the 29-year-old seemed to have included an odd instruction in the caption that wasn’t meant to be there.

The caption of the photo, a screenshot of her talking to fellow contestant Susie, read: “Catching up on all the gossip with my girl Susie (can tag her if you like) we may need all the wine for this girl.”

Just guessing here –  but “(can tag her if you like)” probably wasn’t meant to make it to the final cut.

Proofread much? Image: Instagram.

A fan in the Married At First Sight Lols Facebook group, who shared a screenshot of the post, suggested that the odd phrase could be a sign that her social media account - and presumably other contestants' - are controlled by the MAFS producers.


"So I guess Tamara's social media is still being managed by MAFS and they forgot to take out the brackets?" the viewer suggested.

It certainly seems that someone instructed Tamara to post that image with that caption. Unless she's in a habit of writing handy hints to her future self.

And really, after so many editing fails have us questioning if the affairs or reactions on the show are real, we wouldn't be surprised if the Instagram posts weren't either.

If you're counting along at home, so far there's been, oh, about a million editing mistakes on the show, ranging from people wearing different clothes, to different door numbers, to disappearing drinks.

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