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Another Married at First Sight editing fail has fans asking serious questions.

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Well, this is becoming ridiculous.

Fans have spotted another editing fail in Tuesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight – adding to what feels like hundreds, but is actually probably about six, mistakes viewers have picked up so far this season.

This time it was made harder to spot by being split between two episodes.

After meeting Nic Jovanovic’s family during Monday night’s episode, Cyrell Paule and her “husband” went to bed: she in silky black pyjamas and, Nic wearing a white singlet and colourful shorts.

But when they woke up, supposedly the next morning, Nic had on a blue and red sports shirt and Cyrell was wearing a grey singlet.

nic-cyrell-mafs editing fail
They went to bed on Monday and woke up in completely different outfits on Tuesday. Image: 9Now

The mistake had fans wondering if a producer had forgotten about the issue of 'continuity' when filming over a few days, or if that particular 'waking out of bed scene' was so crucial that they went back to film it later.

It's just the latest in a string of editing fails the show has experienced, including at Sunday night's commitment ceremony when Jesskia Power was in two places at once.

Video via Nine

That same episode showed Jess waking up with completely different coloured nails to the ones she'd had at the dinner party - supposedly the night before.

There have also been shoe changes, time travel, underwear switches and room number transformations.

It begs the question, have the editing team got more relaxed on the job or have fans gotten better at picking these things up?

Or are the producers now trolling us?

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