Sarah Roza responds to claims she won't 'stay away' from Telv Williams' kids.

Sarah Roza and Telv Williams had a short, tumultuous relationship.

The couple first met while filming the 2018 season of Married At First Sight in October last year.

At first they seemed like the perfect match, but once the cameras stopped rolling, their quickie marriage began to disintegrate.

In March, Sarah confirmed on Instagram that the couple had broken up.

“On the back of what has been such an extraordinary experience it is with great heartache, regret and sadness that Telv and I are no longer together,” she wrote.

The 38-year-old explained that her heart “was absolutely set on fire once I did meet him” but ultimately that wasn’t enough.


Since the breakup, the exes have continued to make headlines, and both have gone on to date other people.

On Monday, Telv issued a public warning to Sarah through NW magazine, telling her to leave his children alone.

Telv alleges that Sarah discovered who Amy, the mother of his children is, and planned a catch up with her in Perth.

“For some reason, Sarah decided to fly to Perth [from Melbourne], look up the mother of my children and go pay them all a visit,” Telv told the publication.

“They met for breakfast and she even painted my daughter’s nails.

“That was the final straw for me. I want Sarah to move on, stop talking about me to the media and stay away from my children,” he said.

Speaking to Mamamia, Sarah explained that she’s actually close friends with Telv’s ex, Amy Gowers, and she sees his kids quite regularly.

“This story that’s come out has made me look like I’m peeping through doors and windows and things, when we actually have a really close relationship. I talk to his own kids more than he does,” she explained. 

“It definitely wasn’t a surprise visit because I was already up in Perth for work,” she continued. “Amy and I talk nearly every day and obviously we made plans to have lunch together.”

“It was highly publicised that I was going to be up in Perth, so it wasn’t like it was a surprise, because I was doing a national tour.” 

The former MAFS star also confirmed the couple broke up on February 13, but were only allowed to go public with their breakup on March 24.

She said it was difficult to maintain the illusion that they were still together during that time.

“There were some things that I refused to do and I just ‘I won’t go, I’m not doing it’. There were some things that were group things, with a lot of the cast, and I felt safe there.”