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Last night's Married at First Sight editing fail has fans asking questions about Sam and Ines.

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We’ve suspected for a while now that Ines Basic and Sam Ball’s affair on Married At First Sight may have been entirely somewhat set up by the reality TV show’s producers.

But on Wednesday night, fans were given another reason to doubt the relationship’s authenticity when the show presented us with a very obvious editing fail.

Viewers noticed that as Ines knocked on Sam’s hotel room door, it was clearly room 1904. But in the next shot, when he opens the door, it becomes room 1902.


Interestingly, this might add credibility to the rumour spread by Ning on Wednesday night’s episode, that she saw Ines and Sam in the room of another couple – Jessika and Mike.

“I’m actually confident I saw Ines and Sam in Jess and Mick’s room, because our room is directly across from Mick and Jess’,” she said.

Are the producers borrowing different rooms to film certain scenes? Or perhaps Ines knocked on the wrong door first and the producers cut that part out to save her the embarrassment?

How… sweet?

The door issue it’s not even the only editing blunder fans noticed this week.

When Sam and Ines finally got around to actually, physically cheating, Ines was wearing black underwear. But in the shot that is supposed to be right after waking the next morning, she’s wearing white underwear.

Unless she kept a spare pair of undies in that little makeup bag as well? Image: Channel Nine.

Fans have since accused the entire storyline of being staged - and look, these editing errors aren't doing much for the show's authenticity.

But let's be honest, that's not why any of us are watching.

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