"I was nervous." Lisa Oldfield admits why she's "stoked" her husband left I'm A Celebrity.

After just one week in the South African jungle, David Oldfield became the third person to be voted off I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

(It is worth noting, however, that David – who co-founded Pauline Hanson‘s One Nation party – is actually the fifth celebrity contestant to leave, after both Bernard Tomic and Anthony Mundine left voluntarily).

And while he entered the jungle with his wife, Real Housewives Of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield, she said on Monday night’s episode she was “stoked” to be free of his burdensome presence in the camp.

Watch Lisa Oldfield discuss her husband’s departure in the video below.

Video via Channel 10

Lisa, 43, made the confession when Simone Holtznagel asked about her feelings towards competing in the show alone.

“Are you, like, not happy that David’s left, but kind of glad so you just get to have a week being you?” she asked, to which Lisa responded, “I’m so stoked”.


She compared managing David’s temper – and his controversial beliefs that already caused grief with many of their fellow campmates – to dealing with a “third child”.

“Rather than saying ‘Bert, get your finger out of your nose’, it’s like, ‘Get your foot out of your mouth’,” Lisa said.

Things reached boiling point between David and Australian comedian Fiona O’Loughlin on the show last week, when he remarked he didn’t think indigenous people – from anywhere – invented anything.

“I can tell you, there’s a big fat lie – we’ve spread enough lies by saying they were only nomadic – that’s bullsh*t, they actually had crops,” said the 54-year-old mother-of-five, who lived in Alice Springs for 27 years and fostered several Aboriginal children.


When he suggested Fiona was suffering from “white guilt” and claimed that white people were “responsible for everything in the modern world”, including flushing toilets and automobiles, Fiona labelled him a “racist pig”.

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Lisa also told Simone she was looking forward to letting the public get to know her on her own terms, and not as one half of the controversial couple.

“My heart fell when that [chore list] come out and it said ‘Oldfield’. And I thought, ‘I’m Lisa, I’m not…'” she said, trailing off.

She also admitted she was “nervous” about spending so much time with her husband on the show.

Lisa Oldfield I'm A Celebrity
Lisa admitted she was "nervous" about having to spend so much time with David while filming the show. Image via Channel 10.

"The thing I was most afraid of was him because I don't spend a lot of time with him," she said.

Simone agreed, adding that the other celebs were looking forward to spending time with Lisa "without it being... Lisa and David."

The pair has made no secret of their marital "struggles": last year, Lisa sensationally hinted she was splitting from David after posting a meme about divorce on her Instagram page, captioning it with the hashtag "#byeDave".

Speaking to radio duo Kyle and Jackie O a few days later, Lisa confirmed she and David were still together, but that her post had not entirely been in jest.

"Oh, it wasn't a joke at the time," she revealed.

"He said he'd fight for custody of the kids and you know, I knocked him out in one punch.

"Look, I hate the idea of splitting up my appliances, so we'll probably keep it going."

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