You can rest easy - Lisa Oldfield mightn't be getting a divorce after all.

Late on Wednesday night, Lisa Oldfield hinted she might be splitting from her former pollie husband, David Oldfield, by posting a meme about divorce on her Instagram account.

While it may seem a rather unorthodox way to announce the end of a 17-year marriage, we honestly wouldn’t put it past The Real Housewives of Sydney ‘villain’.

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Neither would Kyle and Jackie O, it seems, hence they quizzed her about it on their radio show this morning.

Asked if she was serious, Oldfield joked she’d been using her ‘influencer’ status to secure a free divorce lawyer.

Kicking this #motherfucker to the #kerb #byedave #byefelicia

A post shared by Lisa Oldfield (@lisalocks16) on May 10, 2017 at 4:30am PDT


“You know what I discovered … if you put shit out there, you get free shit,” she told the Kiis FM duo.

“Like yesterday, I Instagrammed about jerky and I got free jerky, so I figured if I put it out there that David and I are getting a divorce, I’d get a free divorce lawyer.”

While this is clearly flawless logic (seriously, bravo), it still fails to answer the fundamental question of whether or not the 41-year-old is about to hit the singles market.

Lisa with her two sons. Source: Instagram

Asked if the whole thing was indeed a gag, she replied: "Oh, it wasn’t a joke at the time, he said he’d fight for custody of the kids and you know, I knocked him out in one punch.

"Look, I hate the idea of splitting up my appliances, so we’ll probably keep it going."

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So joke or not (we honestly don't know at this point), it looks like the Oldfields are staying hitched, for the time being at least.

But that does leave one final mystery... what prompted the snap social media outburst?

"Oh you know, probably the second bottle of Bollinger," Oldfield said.

And there you have it, another modern mystery solved. We'll rest easy tonight.