Pauline Hanson just wore a burqa in the Senate.

Pauline Hanson has entered the Senate wearing a burqa in a stunt ahead of debate on banning full-face coverings in public.

The One Nation leader took her seat during question time wearing the Islamic veil.

Senate President Stephen Parry said Senator Hanson’s identity had been confirmed before she entered the chamber.

The stunt has drawn anger from the opposition benches, with crossbencher Derryn Hinch questioning whether Senator Hanson could remain in the chamber.

“I understand that she is not a Muslim, not of Islamic faith. Can I appear tomorrow in fancy dress unchallenged?” he asked the president.

Senator Parry said he was not going to dictate the standard of dress for senators.

Senator Hanson will move a motion in parliament on Thursday, to be debated in the afternoon, calling on the federal government to ban the burqa.

Independent senator Cory Bernardi also weighed in on the stunt.

“I did warn you that proroguing the parliament was in national interest. Things are getting seriously weirder by the day,” he posted to Twitter.