After denying they would, Lisa Oldfield and husband David have entered the I'm A Celebrity Jungle.

When I’m A Celebrity teased that “Australia’s most dysfunctional couple” would be entering the jungle, there was only one married duo that it could have been.

Lisa and David Oldfield.

So it was of little surprise tonight when hosts Dr Chris Brown and Julia Morris confirmed the latest celebrities going into the jungle would be… Lisa and David Oldfield.

Whether it was on the series of Real Housewives of Sydney that was so explosive it horrified international audiences or on social media or even the morning shows, they’ve given us a front row seat into their marital rollercoaster.

Lisa and her husband David Oldfield. Image via Getty.

And now they're doing it in the jungle.

The co-founder of One Nation and Real Housewife of Sydney are the first married couple to enter the competition.

"I'm a long suffering wife and I deserve a George's Cross for putting up with this," Lisa introduced herself as, gesturing to husband of 17 years David.

As to whether the experience will make or break their marriage, the pair were honest.

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"I don't think it will make or break. It's an extreme environment, but the interesting thing in that, Lisa and I live in an extreme environment with a lot of pressure. It's in our own home," said David.

And the bickering continued.

Interestingly, Lisa reportedly promised her family she would never do a reality TV show again after RHOS, where she said she felt like "cannon fodder".

"They made me look like an unstable sl*t with anger management issues," she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Listen: Are the rumours, relationships and fights actually real on the Real Housewives of Sydney? Mia Freedman asks Lisa Oldfield. Post continues after audio.

However it seems the I'm A Celebrity producers were convincing enough to change her mind.

"I said that I was humiliated and embarrassed by Housewives and my career was impacted. They said, 'We don't want to humiliate you or break you ... we want people to see the real Lisa.' And personally, I think I'm a very likeable person," she said.


Reactions on Twitter were mixed.



This is the fifth reality TV show between the pair, with David appearing on Hell's Kitchen Australia last year, SBS' First Contact in 2016 and Celebrity Survivor Australia in 2006.