All our observations about Kylie Jenner's long-awaited Instagram comeback.

It’s been a dark and desolate nine months for the 103 million of us who follow Kylie Jenner on Instagram.

With only recycled, cryptic selfies and pictures of lipsticks to sustain us, our Instagram feeds have been looking decidedly dry.

But the drought is over, because the 20-year-old just made her Instagram comeback. And we’re not sure if this is because she’s a mum now, but her first fresh uploads in months (aside from, you know, the not at all major announcement of the birth of her daughter, Stormi) are kind of, accidentally really relatable.

The two photos show Kylie, who gave birth on February 1, in a full face of makeup casually slumped behind the wheel of her Bentley in a red Adidas tracksuit, which coincidentally matches the red leather interior of said Bentley.

So sorry, which part of this whole display of wealth is relatable, you ask?

Give us a second, would you?

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You see, sure, Kylie’s worth around $386 million – which will have increased to $1 billion by the time she hits the big 25 – but deep down, she’s just like us.

If we weren’t living paycheck to paycheck, yes, but we’re one and the same.

For example, her choice of post-birth attire is trackies and sneakers. That’s what we would wear after pushing a small human out of our bodies. Not skinny jeans and heels, no way.

And she’s snoozing. Her eyes are clearly closed because the only place she can catch some zzzs away from baby Stormi (and partner, Travis Scott) is in the car.

That car probably costs around $170,000 more than our cars. But hey, when you’re a sleep deprived new mum, red leather seats would likely feel just the same as the stained fabric seats in a secondhand 1998 Holden Astra.

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Oh, and there may or may not be a ring on a certain finger. The left finger, it’s on her left finger. But that could mean anything, right? Because relationships are complicated, especially when you have a presumably screaming baby to burp and nurture together.

Above all else, we’re just glad Kylie found a moment to do something she enjoys for herself amid the hectic newborn chaos taking over the Kardashian/Jenner family.

Really, these photos are for us. But details.