Kylie Jenner has released her baby's name, and we have questions.

UPDATE: We now know the answer as to which last name dear Stormi will take. Since publishing, Kylie Jenner has edited her Instagram caption to read ‘Stormi Webster’. According to Wikipedia, Webster is Travis Scott’s real last name.

Only two days ago, we thought Kylie Jenner’s 11-minute long birthing video held the ultimate clue to her baby’s name. Was that only two days ago? Feels like a lifetime.

We made the case, that the 20-year-old was hinting, nay, telling us she and her partner, Travis Scott would be naming their daughter born on February 1st…. Butterfly. Or Mariposa. It had a lot to do with how much Kylie loves butterflies, and how they both got little butterfly tattoos not all that long ago.

But now the new mum has gone and thrown an Instagram photo into the mix that says otherwise, rendering all our very important journalistic investigating useless.

Because she’s released the name… and it’s… not Butterfly.

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Sharing our first Instagram official photo of the newborn, Kylie has revealed her daughter’s name is…


Literally, that’s all she gave us.

Stormi. Angel emoji.


stormi ????????

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Is that the name on her birth certificate? Or is it a cute nickname for Storm?

Storm Scott? Or Storm Jenner? Storm K. Jenner-Scott? Storm K. Mariposa Jenner-Scott? If her initials are S.J. can we call her S.J.?

How to we pronounce the ‘i’? Is it Storm-eee? Or Storm-eye? Is the for aesthetic?

What does it symbolise? Is it the storm that is parenthood? Or Storm, because she is a gladiator of wind and hail that will rain down on anyone who tries to pull any ‘is Tyga the father’ funny business?

And does this mean her future children will be named after other natural occurrences – Tornado Jenner-Scott, Fire Jenner-Scott, Tsunami Jenner-Scott?

Man. So many things to consider. And we need answers.

Alright then.