Kylie is now the richest Kardashian-Jenner, and Kim is SO FINE.

She’s fine. She’s totally fine.

Kim Kardashian has been overtaken in the money, visibility and perhaps popularity stakes by her 20-year-old sister.

But she’s fine! Stoked. So happy for her little sister.

It’s always a good, humbling time when young people magically trump your sense of relevance.

You see, this week, Kylie Jenner gave birth to her baby Thunderstorm. Well, Stormi. But Stormi must be short for something – especially with the rogue ‘i’ on the end – so I’m rolling with full-name Thunderstorm.

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Anywho, Jenner’s birth announcement unseated Beyonce as the most liked photo on Instagram of all time. Despite Kardashian welcoming baby Chicago two weeks ago, the news cycle has moved on from debate on how to pronounce her nickname (Chi = Shy, thanks very much) and centred on, well, all things Kylie.

Add this fact that Kylie Cosmetics is predicted to become a billion-dollar company by the year 2022 – by which time Jenner will be 25 – and the small, tiny fact it’s estimated she’s worth over $200 million more than her older sister, and it would appear Kylie Jenner is making her mark well beyond the Kardashian empire.

But Kim? Oh, Kim’s fine. In the weeks since Kylie’s birth, she’s been busy on Instagram. That’s how fine she is.

First, there were headlines about cultural appropriation stemming from, um, this photo:


Then came this spectacularly demure snap, which was inevitably followed by yes, headlines.


Ah! Then the Yeezy launch with a confusing amount of Kim lookalikes. Cue: headlines.


Days later came the totally authentic, not at all publicity grab that was perfume-enemy-gate.

Image: Instagram.

And today? There's nothing like making your four-year-old snap your topless selfies:


I mean, sure, Kim just made $10 million in four days, selling her limited edition Valentine's Day Kimoji fragrances. But $10 million only buys you 10 nice houses. Right now, her little sister can buy about 190 MORE THAN THAT.

Of course, Kim's particularly headline-hungry February may be part of the grand Kardashian plan after all, serving not just her own empire but her sister's, too.

After all, the more stories about Kim, the more about Kylie. And the more us mere mortals get sucked into the churning Kardashian news cycle.