All the ingeniously subtle ways Kylie Jenner has hidden her pregnancy.

Seriously, Kylie Jenner deserves some kind of award. Throughout her entire pregnancy, the 20-year-old has kept the public from seeing her bump; downright mastered the art of concealing it, in fact.

Quite the feat considering she’s one of the most well-known women on the planet.

Let’s take a look at all the sneaky, ingenious ways she’s done it.

She’s given us lots of close-ups.

Kylie’s always been a fan of selfies, but in recent months she’s traded in full body shots like this:


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…for intense close-ups like this:

Red Velvet Holiday Lip Kit is officially available on ????

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Her flawless use of angles.

This is hands down our favourite example of Kylie’s pregnancy-hiding wizardry. In this spa day squad snap she manages to angle herself so her robe falls loosely over any possible bump underneath and also uses the edge of a mirror to further cover-up.

mornings :)

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She’s posed in oversized, baggy clothes.

Kylie has capitalised on the fact that baggy and oversized clothes are in fashion. Because it’s not out-of-the-ordinary for her to wear a denim jacket or man-style shirt in an Instagram post – but it’s also the oldest trick in the book for concealing a pregnancy.

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Sasha’s Shirt ????

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She’s kept up the trackies trend.

Again, Kylie has made the most of the fact “leisurewear” has made a comeback of sorts and it’s now socially acceptable to wear tracksuit pants outside your own home.

She didn’t appear in her family’s Christmas card.

We were all a little floored when Kylie straight up didn’t appear in the family Christmas card this year, partly because some of us thought that might be how her pregnancy would be revealed. In this way, her absence was a clever way to troll us.


DAY 24 ???? #ChristmasEve

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She’s stopped posting on Instagram.

Partly to hide her pregnancy and partly to build anticipation, Kylie has stopped posting images on Instagram.

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The last one was of her Love magazine cover (where she conveniently sported a turtle-neck in a close-up shot) on Christmas Eve and we haven’t heard anything from her since.


This makes sense if, as several celebrity news outlets report, she is due in either February or March. It would be much, much harder to conceal her baby bump past the six-month mark – or account for flatter, filler-free lips.

Her Calvin Klein shoot was perfectly posed.

Because everyone by now is looking for Kylie’s bump, this seems like an obvious attempt to conceal it. (Too obvious?) But if you had been living under a rock and hadn’t heard the non-stop speculation, nothing would look out of place in these Clavin Klein photos of her and her sisters.


Yes, Kylie’s the only one with her midriff not showing, but it’s not obvious until you point that out. Genius.

Yep, all signs are pointing to a massive reveal and an epic maternity shoot to follow.

Have you managed to conceal a pregnancy for several months? How did you manage?