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Kourtney Kardashian says her family needs better boundaries with toxic men.

Watch any episode of The Kardashians and we guarantee you that the phrase 'loyalty is everything' will pop up at least once an episode. It's basically the family mantra.

And it seemingly extends to the very problematic men in their life.

From Lamar Odom and Scott Disick to Kanye West and Tristan Thompson, there's no better representation of their commitment to having each other's backs than by looking at how they treat their ex-partners.

The family have been known to stand by and support their past partners — particularly those who they have children with — no matter how messy or scandalous it can get.

Watch: Here's a snippet of Kourtney Kardashian's chat with Tristan Thompson. Post continues below.

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And there's no one who has felt the weight of it more than Khloe Kardashian.

The 39-year-old has had her share of problems when it comes to ex-partner Tristan Thompson, 32 — the father of her two children.

You don't have to be a Kardashian fan to know things went hard south for Khloé and Tristan, after he faced numerous cheating scandals between 2018 and 2022, including fathering a child around the same time of the birth of his second son with Khloe...


See? It's messy, messy.

Since then, Tristan has appeared on the newest season of their reality show, attempting to right his wrongs with the family and take accountability for his repeated infidelities.

The most recent episode has picked up with Tristan sitting down with eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian Barker, 44, to discuss his past mistakes and his current (and future) relationship with her sister Khloe.

And she did not hold back.

"I see these TikTok videos and there are these people and they're like, 'I am a sociopath narcissist. I have no empathy, no feelings.' Do you think there’s any part of you that relates to that?" she asked him.

Go off, Kourt.

"You should definitely feel the way you feel, 100 per cent, because if it was my sister, I'd feel the same way," Tristan responded. 

"I think for me, you know, I want Khloé to be happy and whatever that may be, I'm fully supportive of that. I've done things to put myself in a position out of that."

Awkward. Image: Disney+.


Kourtney then reflected on how her famous family often let bad behaviour slide in favour of keeping the peace.

"In this family, you guys are so lucky — all the guys — because for whatever reason, it's held a higher priority of, 'Let's keep everyone happy and getting along, and let's make sure Tristan is at Christmas Eve and everyone's there, and it's one big happy family and let's make sure everything's fun and happy,'" Kourtney said. 

"For some reason, that takes a priority in this family over setting a boundary or having someone's back or having someone's side."


Touching on her own relationship with ex partner Scott Discisk (who is still a feature on the show and regularly hands with Kourt's sisters), she said: "I've been a part of this whole thing, but it's interesting to me when I think about it in a superficial way."

"We can make sure Khloé looks her best... but really making sure that the person feels supported, stood up for, sets the boundaries they need to set and is supported in that," she added. "And in this family, it's not [supported]. It's lucky for you guys and it is great for the kids, but then it's also like..."

In the show's 'confessional' interview, Kourtney shared she's prepared to forgive but certainly not forget, admitting the family has become too used to "normalising" the bad behaviour of the men around them.

"It was interesting to me, the work that he's doing and the path that he's on, because when your words don’t match your actions, it's concerning," she said.

"Talk is cheap. In our family, everyone can tend to normalise these behaviours of some of the men in our lives and I don’t want to show my daughter that that's okay."

"I think having forgiveness and giving grace is right, but also having really clear boundaries, I think is really important," she added.

Feature image: Instagram/@kourtneykardash.

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