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krispy July 5, 2022

Lovely informative article, I’ve learnt new things and I think your son is lucky to have you as his Mum ! 

krispy May 9, 2022

Haven’t watched Dr Who for a while but will be very interested to see him play this role. He was absolutely brilliant as Eric in Sex Education. 

krispy April 22, 2022

I am in the “hated the storyline” of season 2, (mills and boon type schlock, so exasperating), but I loved the diversity. Yes for the leading lady and the Sharma family but the entire cast, whether they were Royalty, lords or ladies or staff or “lower class” I actually realised I stopped noticing after a while because it just felt normal to see the mix without making it a big song and dance of it. But how dare they cut out the Duke ?? Bring back Rege-Jean Page ! 

krispy March 27, 2022

@rush my exact thoughts !!! 🤣

krispy February 8, 2022

Absolutely nailed it with this recap, Hilarious !!! The Texan thinks he’s a sex-god but I reckon there’s around 350 women who would say he is NOT. He seems to be confusing the number of partners with ability. 

krispy January 19, 2022

They met at the gym and she didn’t know who he was ?? I get that she’s 30 years younger but who doesn’t know Jeff Goldblum, maybe he took his glasses off ?!!?? 

krispy July 26, 2021

Wow, great article. I've also got a distant relative with the same beliefs as your son and I've been frustrated/angry/disappointed in their mindset but not close enough to them to look into understanding the "why" behind their reasonings. You have obviously spent a lot of time and effort to look into this because it's your son - how helpless you must feel when any attempt to introduce facts are just seen by him as fake news and part of the 'lamestream media'. I honestly don't know how we can counter their beliefs other than them experiencing covid firsthand to prove it is no hoax  but of course I don't wish anyone to get this illness. You are right, it is a cult, and it's turning our loved ones against us. So very sorry you are having to deal with this firsthand. I will not look at these protestors the same way again after reading your article, the anger and ridicule I have felt is now now tempered by sadness that many, as you say, they are living an alternate reality. (Obviously Still angry at the deliberate troublemakers who are only protesting because they don't want to wear a mask or be in lockdown) Best wishes to you and your son. 

krispy July 1, 2021

1.)  It doesn’t say she was on contraceptives when she fell pregnant the first time and 2) was the husband not taking ANY responsibility for birth control ? Condoms???

 After an unexpected pregnancy on one method I wouldn’t be relying on it solely the next time . I get all methods can fail but I’d be double-dipping to up the protection factor 

krispy April 3, 2021

No sorry, a child’s birthday party is not a teaching moment for other children’s sons. 

krispy April 2, 2021

@rush I think the models face says it all about that dress ! 

krispy March 25, 2021

Roll out the “not all men” cries, yet again. There have been more than enough analogies for everyone to understand that women don’t know “which” men are the violent ones, that it is reasonable to be wary of “all men”.  He thinks because “there were only around 100,000 marching” that actually it’s not that big a concern after all. To be clear, EVERY woman I know would have marched if they could, do not judge the issue on the size of the crowd in attendance. What was the tangible aim ? FFS this guy, how about you pay attention, dickhead, oh right, he’s too busy talking to actually listen. 

krispy March 25, 2021

@cat  No need to guess, a jury already made a decision based on the evidence presented by both sides. 

krispy March 25, 2021

Brett said he wanted someone he could have deep and intense conversations with.... except then he didn’t.  lighten up Booka, you’re being too serious Booka, you should smile more, be more light-hearted, hey I know a joke where Patrick and I pretend we’re a gay couple, it’s hilarious ! And Cam... what an absolute gutless wonder. I can’t believe I’m actually commenting on this show, omg.... 

krispy February 25, 2021

Asher Learmonth you are an outstanding young man, what an amazing speech, may your words truly be heard by the other boys and bring change. Thank you for standing up and speaking, you should be very proud of yourself.

krispy February 4, 2021

Advertising always makes these look so lovely and expensive, up close this is cheap and nasty furniture that won’t last. Do yourself a favour and buy furniture from reputable furniture companies, preferably Australian. You will spend more, but you won’t be throwing it out in 12 months time. 

krispy January 29, 2021

Are you applying for part-time jobs though, or trying to change the FT job you’re already in? I do have kids and have worked part-time mostly since having them, but it wasn’t seen as an option originally ~18 years ago. I negotiated reducing to 4 days only by saying I would do the same job but in one less day and they would pay me 20% less... not ideal obviously. It’s been a lot more flexible since then, and I’ve worked with plenty of part-timers who don’t have kids. I’ve found a lot more employers recognise that part-timers get in and get the job done in the available hours, certainly the younger bosses understand it’s about productivity, not having your arse parked on an office chair from 9-5. Ability to work from home has also been awesome for work life balance, saved me 2hrs travel time daily... so there’s a whole Work day in itself Each week If you have that option. Just need to keep looking around and asking. 

krispy January 17, 2021

As if we didn’t all see this coming 🤦‍♀️ 

krispy January 6, 2021

Hmmm, a $4.5m dress, is that what it’s valued at, by who ? i doubt Serena actually paid that for the dress, nor the rest of the genuine celebrities amongst this top 10. They would have been gifted a large chunk of this by the designers due to the huge amount of publicity it generates for them. I don’t believe they would have paid anywhere near those $, if anyone is a smart lady it’s Amal Clooney, if she genuinely spent $500k on a dress then my opinion of her just decreased ! 

krispy January 6, 2021

Abbie handled that LIKE.A.BOSS  !!  Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙌🏻👏👏👏👏👌🏻👌🏻

krispy December 29, 2020

Thank you ! Timing of your list is impeccable as I’m in the latest northern beaches NSW lockdown and have time to kill stuck at home, so am in need of good books. Thank goodness for my kindle. Quite a few books on your list that I’ve already read and love, so that makes me think your taste is going to be similar to mine.