“I was scared out of my mind”. Kim Kardashian on the parenting decision she dreaded telling Kanye West.

Can two exes ever get along after a messy split? Look no further than the awkward co-parenting dynamic between divorced parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

To say that Kim and Kanye's divorce has been ugly would be a wild understatement. Between the court cases, the public callouts on Instagram, the rebound relationships, and the recent documentary, the dissolution of Kimye has been brutal. 

But then there's the added complication that these exes share four children: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. 

On the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kim opened up about the hesitations she felt around sharing with Kanye a recent decision she made about their children. 

“I do think that my household, and even in our family, it’s very female-dominated. I recently hired a manny (a male nanny), I really wanted a male around that was going to be picking them up and taking them to sports," Kim said in a confessional.

The 42-year-old then revealed she dreaded informing Kanye that she'd hired another man to add a more masculine energy to her children's upbringing. “I was scared out of my mind to tell their dad that,” Kim said.

Saint West and Kim Kardashian. Image: Instagram/@kimkardashian.


Kim's concerns turned out to be misguided as Kanye was more accepting of their 'manny' than expected. “When he was dropping off the kids, Kanye introduced himself, played two-on-two with Saint and him,” Kim said.

“He’s been so nice to him and saying: 'Hey, if you’re going to help raise my son —' because he handed him the ball, like, really easily or something, he’s like: ‘Don’t do that, make him go get it himself, these are some of the rules that I would want." 

Kim was surprised by Kanye's reaction. “I was like, oh my god… OK! That’s great!”

Kim's shock says a lot about how Kanye might typically react to this news — the simple employment of a man to offer extra help for childcare — and this is concerning. 

Whether a nanny is a man, woman, or non-binary should have no bearing on their place in Kim's home to support her four kids. 


And then there's the question of why Kim felt the need to add a man to her household when the children have their father. While in the divorce settlement, Kim and Kanye agreed to shared custody, Kanye said in 2022 that Kim has the kids "80 per cent of the time," he told the Mind Full podcast. 

But as far as Kim is concerned, she just seems happy her relationship with Kanye is currently peaceful. 

This, of course, may have changed in the preceding months. The latest episode was filmed before the Met Gala, as in the episode Kim was in the early stages of preparing her Karl Lagerfeld-dedicated look. 

This means that this conversation with Kanye likely happened in April at the latest, as the 2023 Met Gala was on May 2.

This was a few months before the rapper would offend Italians everywhere by being caught with his pants down on a boat ride in Venice with his wife, Bianca Censori, while vacationing. 

Meanwhile on The Kardashians, Kim was on her own trip of sorts: she took her son Saint on a 'soccer mum' holiday with her friends and their sons to watch European league football games in London and Paris. 

"I want to give him a little bit of attention, and he’s such a mama’s boy and I love it," Kim said in the episode. 

"I know that these years aren’t going to last forever!”

Feature image: Getty + DisneyPlus + Instagram. 

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