Everyone is talking about Kate Middleton's sheer dress again. But we all missed the best detail.

Few fashion trends are as divisive as the sheer dress

Whenever a celebrity steps out in one, people either react by turning their nose up or obsessing over every minute detail.

But regardless of where you sit on the spectrum, you have to acknowledge that the sheer dress is responsible for a number of iconic moments - one of them involving Kate Middleton and Prince William.

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All the way back in 2002 when the pair were university students, Kate - now the Princess of Wales - took part in a charity fashion show where she walked down the runway wearing a translucent mini dress which was originally designed as a skirt. 

Prince William happened to be sitting in the audience - and it's widely reported that it was this moment that piqued his interest in his future bride.

Of course the fashion show, the dress and the entire incident is going to be shown through a new lens on the final season of Netflix’s The Crown, with new episodes dropping on December 14. 

But while the skirt-turned-dress is a definite conversation-starter, we want to talk about the details everyone seemed to miss. 


The much...stranger details.

Ever since photos of young Kate came out wearing the dress, it’s all anyone could focus on, and rightfully so. Whenever us normal folk see a royal dressed in clothes that go against protocol, it feels odd, as if we’re witnessing something illegal.

But what everyone seems to have missed is that before she became the Princess of Wales, Kate was the Queen of Y2K


And now we're looking more closely at the infamous photos again, we're obsessed with the heavily sprayed ringlet curls that probably should have been brushed out and the very peculiar gold hair wraps that scream early 2000s.

All she needs is a frosted eyeshadow and bubblegum pink lip gloss to complete the look. 

Now, let’s go back to the hair for a second, because we’re not entirely ready to move past it just yet. Who else can remember curling their hair but leaving random bits straight...on purpose? 

Actually, don’t answer that, because we all have memories of straightening the front parts of our hair until it felt stiff and smelt burnt, only to leave the back part completely unstyled because we couldn’t see it.

And if you claim that was never you, I’m sure there’s a hot pink digital camera lying around that contains photographic evidence to the contrary. 

Not only do we feel better that Kate, who is known for never having a strand of hair out of place, made the same errors we did, but it just makes the look even more iconic. 

We’re surprised Gen Z gals haven’t jumped on this one yet.

Kate’s sheer dress only cost £30 pounds (around $55 AUD) but sold for £80,000 ($150,000 AUD) at an auction in 2011. 

Designer Charlotte Todd managed to sell the dress for 80,000 pounds at an auction. Image: Getty.


Designed by Kate’s classmate Charlotte Todd, the dress was made from a lightweight net, and has been replicated in Season Six, part two of The Crown

The upcoming instalment will focus on the aftermath of Princess Diana’s death and the early days of Kate and William’s relationship while they were both students at the University of St. Andrews.

The two have come a long way since university. Image: Getty.


The two first met in 2001, but didn’t start dating until 2003, where they were on-again-off-again until the Prince proposed in 2010.

13 years of marriage and three children later, the two are now known as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

And while we have no doubt Kate will continue to serve us flawless looks for many years to come, nothing has our hearts quite like that dress. 

Feature Image: Netflix.