8 questions we have about the dress that really upset the internet.

Here’s the thing: The internet can be a total cesspit. But every once in a while, it brings us a viral post that we just cannot stop talking about. From TikTok’s ‘who's that wonderful giiiiiiirl, could she be any cuter’ trend, to hilarious cat videos, the world wide web sometimes redeems itself by circulating the right content.

So when we came across this video of a mystery celeb donning an... interesting... dress, we just had to know who this fabulous woman was.

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Video via Mamamia.

And we can officially say that, after many hours of sleuthing, we finally have an answer.

The woman in question is Urfi Javed, an Indian television actress and social media personality who boasts more than four million followers on Instagram.


This isn’t the first time a look of hers has gone viral. In fact, Javed is actually known for her daring style, on and off the red carpet.

Anyway, we thought it would be funny to show the Mamamia team the video of Javed in the now-infamous black dress with zero context. Here's what they had to say.

Urfi clearly loves a fun dress. Image: Instagram @urf7i.


“Does it gape when she sits and shows her lady garden?” - Billie McGrane, Managing Video Producer.

“Why? How? For what purpose!?” - Alex Anastassio, Social Lead.

“What underwear does one wear?” - Eliza Sorman Nilsson, Editor-in-Chief.

“How do you sit down in it? How do you bend down in it?” - Issy McConaghy, Sales Executive.

Does this count as a dress? Image: Instagram @urf7i.


“I assume this is a standing dress, like standing jeans.” - Yvette Bay, People & Culture Manager.

“How do you shop this dress if your body is differently proportioned?” - Sophie Titmarsh, Campaign Executive.

“Is it wrong if I see the Batman signal?” - Grace Rouvray, Senior Podcast Producer.

“Does she feel cold?” - Shannen Findlay, Content Producer.

More power to you, Urfi. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Feature image: Instagram @voompla/supplied.