Celeb in 5: Friday's best entertainment and gossip news.


1. The Block’s Elyse and Josh have just made their next major real estate move.

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Last year’s The Block winners Josh Barker and Elyse Knowles have already had a pretty damn swell 2018.

Not only did model Elyse recently snag an ambassador role at Myer as well as a hosting gig on Channel Nine’s travel show Postcards, but the Melbourne couple also just got the keys to their new home.


The couple shared on Instagram that they got the keys last week, and, of course, the renovations have already begun.

“When we get the keys to our new home and Joshy paints EVERYTHING white,” they captioned the image.

“Feels fresh and ready for our butts to move in YAY.”

No doubt it won’t be long before they’re selling this home for a tidy profit too.

2. The incredible Dolly Parton donates her 100 millionth book to children in need.

Sorry for gushing but Dolly Parton has once again proved she’s everything a celebrity should be, using her fame and wealth to help others.

Since 1995 country music singer has been quietly running charity, the Imagination Library, which sends books to children for free each month.


The charity has grown to operate in four countries, including Australia. This week, Parton celebrated a huge milestone in Washington’s Library of Congress: her 100th million free book being delivered. (The tally is already now at 100,897,416.)

“We never thought it would be this big,” she told NPR.

“I just wanted to do something great for my dad and for my home county and, at the most, maybe a couple of counties over. But then it just took wings of its own, and I guess it was meant to be.”

3. The movie role that J-Law was “devastated” to lose.

Jennifer Lawrence Alice in Wonderland
Beyond the blonde hair, we're struggling to see a resemblance. Image: Getty.

It might be difficult to believe now, but once upon a time the now award show mega-star Jennifer Lawrence once struggled to get film roles.

In an interview with American presenter Howard Stern she said that there was one particular would be role that's really stuck with her.

"The one thing that really killed me, like the only time I’ve ever been truly devastated by losing an audition — ’cause most of the time you’re like, ‘Ah, wasn’t meant to be, move on, what can you do?’ — was Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland,” she said.

While she didn't specify which role she auditioned for, we'd guess that at 20 years old, it was probably the titular character Alice, which ended up going to Australian actress Mia Wasikowska, who Lawrence admitted was "perfect and amazing" for the role.

It's important to acknowledge that even famous and wildly successful people have set backs too... okay?


Speaking of our old pal Jennifer Lawrence, so as the story goes... J-Law wore a dress and people got angry, The Mamamia Out Loud team asks the pivotal question... why do we care so much? Post continues after audio.

4. It's Justin Bieber's birthday and you're about to feel very, very old.

Now I know what Love is

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In weirdly disturbing news, Despacito-singer Justin Bieber is now 24.


There's a weird feeling you get in your tummy when you realise that the once-teen has now been in our ears and blasting through our radios for a decade. We've heard him at his high-pitched unbroken voice singing about first heartbreak in Baby, to still singing about heartbreak, albeit in a much lower register, in What Do You Mean?

Other noticeable periods in the Bieber's youth include his on-and-off-again relationship with Selena Gomez, that time Ed Sheeran hit him with a gold club when drunk, and that time his penis broke the internet... forgot about that one didn't you?

What's more unsettling is that a large proportion of his Beliebers have now graduated from high school and are now making their way into the workforce.

So... is it time for us to retire yet?

5. Everything you need to know about Sarah, Telv and that leaked email saying they’re not together.


If you, like the rest of Australia were looking at Married at First Sight's Sarah and Telv to be the romantic glue holding the show together than we have news for you.

It's drama of the best kind... probably manufactured, but hey, who's judging.

A certain producer was sent an email by Telv which said that he refused to play for "publicity anymore," however we're not so sure.

It read...

“Had a chat to Sarah… I have blocked her number and refuse to have anymore talks…I wanted to try and get along strictly for publicity… I no longer want anything to do with this crazy woman.”

Luckily we've had some time to process this and have decided that this is absolute fake news. Click the link to read our three reasons why.