The Block's Elyse Knowles had a ferocious response to 'surprise' engagement reports.

There’s only one thing that ruins a potential engagement more than sending your partner a screenshot of Tiffany engagement rings with the comment, “Which one do you like? LOL”.

It’s having your ‘surprise engagement news’ printed in the pages of one of Australia’s leading gossip magazines.

The Block winner and model Elyse Knowles, 24, found out the hard way when she opened the most recent issue of New Idea to discover that she and her boyfriend, Josh Barker, were set to announce their engagement “by the end of the year”.

The article in New Idea magazine. Image via Instagram.

"We wouldn't be surprised if there's an announcement in the next few weeks," a 'source close to the couple' told New Idea.

"I know Josh has been talking a lot about popping the question and making it all official.

"He loves Elyse to bits and knows she's The One - it's just a matter of taking the next very big step. And it sounds like they're finally ready to do it."

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There's only one problem with the happy news: it's completely, utterly false and the 25-year-old wasn't afraid to let her 862,000 Instagram followers know it.

With my Man @barks11 ???????? @joshandelyse @lavazzaaus thanks for having us

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"Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!" the model, who has been dating Josh for four-and-a-half years says in a video shared to her Instagram story.

"Definitely wrong!"

She then joked that the story had had the opposite effect and would likely send Josh running in the opposite direction.

"Thanks for ruining my chances, douchebags!"

It’s Love on the work site ❣️❣️❣️ @elyseknowlzy @barks11

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The young couple made headlines in November when they won season 13 of home renovation show The Block, pocketing a cool $547,000.

Speaking to Mamamia earlier in the year, Elyse said it was her relationship with Josh that helped her make it through the gruelling hard work required of them during their time on the show.

"If we weren't doing it together, we couldn't have done it otherwise," she said.

"Our relationship helped us get through, because we could always rely on the other one to pick you back up. We always said, if we could get through a renovation, we can get through anything.

"But The Block was 10 times harder than any renovation."