Everything you need to know about Sarah, Telv and that leaked email saying they're not together.



(Probably manufactured, but let’s proceed.)

On Thursday, The Daily Mail published a story, purporting to show a “leaked” email from Married at First Sight‘s Telv. The email, they say, is dated from February 17 and was sent to a Married at First Sight producer, and appears to detail Telv’s refusal to play for “publicity anymore”.

They took a photo of the email, but curiously blanked out much of the text, so this was all that was left:

“Had a chat to Sarah… I have blocked her number and refuse to have anymore talks…I wanted to try and get along strictly for publicity… I no longer want anything to do with this crazy woman.”

Of course, fill the gaps, and that email could be about anyone.

However, news outlets are running riot with reports that perhaps Australia’s favourite reality TV couple might not be a couple at all.

Clare and Jessie Stephens examine the BEST moment from Sarah and Telv’s relationship to date. Post continues after audio.

However, considering someone must do due diligence here investigating the state of televised relationships (yes, it’s me, no, I don’t go around bragging about it), we’ve decided to compile three reasons this email is FAKE NEWS.

1. Because Telv said so

“Please don’t believe everything you read because this woman is not crazy, she’s just crazy about me,” he said in an Instagram Story with Sarah out for dinner on Thursday night.

“And it hurt my feelings,” she added.

Then they kissed. See.


2. Dinner!

Not only were they out for dinner last night, they have been spotted in the days after that email was sent.

So, there's that.

3. The blanks

Blanking out half of that email is like me writing an email to my friend and just ignoring half the subject matter:

"Hi, Michelle is annoying but she has a good heart and I am going to keep being her friend despite this. In other news, I think that Joanna person on the TV is being nasty and a piece of work and I just thought I would let you know."

I rest my case.