Justin Bieber's wang just broke the internet. #WhatDoYouPeen?

Twitter is going… erm, nuts.

Pictures of Justin Bieber‘s penis are currently breaking the internet.

It turns out that Justin Bieber, 21, isn’t an uncouth, loutish youth — no, as new photos have revealed, he is just a sweet little nature boy.

The pop star is currently on holiday in Bora Bora, getting some much-needed time out from the torrid world of skateboarding and drop-crotch pants.

Justin Bieber clothed in Bora Bora. Image via Instagram.

Next thing he knows, there are pictures of his penis and his bare white bum all over the internet.

Predictably, a young man’s privacy cannot trump the never-ending quest for clicks, and so The New York Daily News has published the pictures, thoughtfully blacking out his genitalia.

Uncensored photos exist, though, because the internet has no conscience (and plenty of curiosity).

It’s particularly shocking to see a naked man, somehow.

The newly peroxided singer tagged this shot “Glacier tip”. We’d have called it “See? Those Calvin Klein ads weren’t photoshopped.”

We’re so accustomed to seeing female celebrities photographed without their consent or knowledge. We’ve seen their breasts. We’ve seen their crotches as they unwisely exit vehicles undie-less.

But a man’s privates? That’s something pretty new.

Bieber thought he was holidaying in private in a villa that he probably paid a small fortune for, and fancied a skinny-dip.

Now, his wang is meme fodder. The eggplant emoji is being used with wild abandon.

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It’s not right, but it feels somehow fair.

Women’s bodies have long been sexualised and monetised, judged and objectified. This kind of feels like a leveling of the playing field.

No doubt, it’s a grave and unforgivable invasion of privacy, and it’s not any less so because Biebs is a dude.

It’s an interesting display of the double standards of our culture. Unauthorised naked pictures of women are constantly being leaked, but hilarious memes about their genitalia? That would be completely unacceptable.

#WhatDoYouPeen? is trending. So is #RespectJustinsPrivacy. Which will win?