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'I accidentally had an affair with my best friend's husband.'

As told to Lucy Banks

Being a married, country mum is simple. Being a married country mum who moonlights as an online sex worker, is tricky.

For the most part, I'm a mum of two and Hank's wife. I do the school run; I say hi to the other farmers at the stock feeders. We're surrounded by the typical country town community. But to hundreds of thousands of people online - I'm Honeyy Brooks. The sexy, sultry, long-legged country girl who has a naughty side. I've made millions of dollars selling X-rated content online, with my husband.

For years, I've juggled both of my worlds seamlessly. It's not a secret what we do, but it's also not common knowledge. It's just easier that way.

I do my online work on a platform called OnlyFans. For those who aren't familiar with OnlyFans, it's a subscription-based service that is commonly used for adult content. My subscribers can also pay for extra content, like custom videos, online chat, and live streaming. Sometimes I'll make $20 from a subscriber, other times I'll make AUD $60,000 from them. It just depends on what the person on the other side of the screen is looking for.

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The thing you need to know about OnlyFans is that it is completely anonymous. I only know what the subscriber tells me. People in my real life could subscribe and I would have absolutely no idea. Which is what brings us to our story, of how I accidentally had an affair with my friend's husband.

I offer a girlfriend package to my OnlyFans. It costs $3800 a week and involves daily calls, priority responses and basically - I'm your girlfriend for the week. I had a new subscriber, let's call him Steve. We started chatting and getting to know each other. He was a great subscriber, very interested in me, purchasing literally everything I had to sell. At this point, Steve had spent around AUD $20,000 on my content - but still wanted more. I upgraded him to the girlfriend package. Steve loved it, and I was his online girlfriend for 3 months. We spoke every single day, and Steve had seen the most intimate videos and images that you could imagine.

One day, I woke up to my phone ringing. I had multiple messages and missed calls.


Steve was actually Chris, my friend's husband.

I instantly felt sick. Not only had I shared weeks' worth of intimate moments and footage with someone who I personally knew, but I had also just shattered the marriage of someone I cared about.

I apologised to my friend. She seemed receptive to it at first, and I thought it was something we could move through. I explained that I didn't know it was him, there was no way for me to know. Putting aside what had happened, my focus was making sure my friend was okay.


The vibe quickly changed. My friend started sending messages along the lines of, "You did this on purpose! You knew it was him. I can't believe you would do this to me." The more I tried to explain things, the more convinced she was that this was something I had purposely orchestrated, to try and get her husband for myself. It appeared as if Steve/Chris had removed himself from any blame and responsibility, and painted himself as an innocent victim in all of this.

Eventually, my friend blocked me on all platforms. That is the last I heard from her.

I was left with so many mixed emotions. Hurt that she thought I could have knowingly done this. Angry that Chris had put me in this position. I was genuinely sad that I had lost a friend that I had known from school.

The last I heard, they were still together and working on their marriage. I'm sure they've told a lot of people about Honeyy the harlot, Honeyy the husband stealer. I don't agree with the narrative that I'm the villain when really it should be Chris. If I knew it was him, I would have blocked him from the start. Yes, money is great, and it's my job. But it's not worth the expense of a friendshipand hurting someone's marriage.

I don't think I'll ever have closure. I genuinely wish them all the best, and my door is open if my friend ever wants to have a constructive conversation about it. But for now, I'm putting it in the past and moving forward with my job. Hopefully not involving any more friends' husbands!

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