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spandexben April 20, 2024

This is pretty shitty on his behalf. The author had no idea. He'll do the same again 

spandexben April 14, 2024

@jay judges are protecting their own. They aren't there to help us, just the elite.  

spandexben April 14, 2024

I was 15. Sadly Ive always known it was pointless to report.  Even more so now. It's been 20 years and it still haunts me and impacts my relationships 

spandexben April 14, 2024

@johnanon just leave your wife dude. 

spandexben April 14, 2024

This article is kinda gross and the internalised misogyny is palpable. Most women enjoy sex, but they feel exhausted from the never ending list of responsibilities and often don't have the energy to be sexual with their partners. Maybe instead of investing time and energy into affairs, these people could support their partners better and help take on the mental load so both can be more sexually available. 

Also, has no one ever heard of therapy? FFS. I hope everyone who uses AM has the life they deserve.

spandexben April 2, 2024

See I've done small trips alone and I loved it. I don't think I could do months long trips solo, though. A week or two? Absolutely. 

You really need to be on the same page when travelling with others. 

spandexben March 30, 2024

I think it just seems kinda lonely? Travelling alone without a friend or partner. Not everyone needs a husband or wife or kids to be happy, I just think you'd want someone to share these phenomenal experiences with.  

spandexben March 28, 2024

Idk why people don't believe the kids and blame Angelina? This is JD and amber heard all over again. It's once again the woman's fault. Ridiculous the internalised misogyny.  

spandexben March 25, 2024

@info likewise 😂

spandexben March 25, 2024

Love Lucinda. She's such a gem 💎

spandexben March 15, 2024

Thank you for writing this. Ive been really struggling with these "trad wife" types and their subtle judgement comments and their shiny lives. I feel absolutely inadequate watching these women. I do wish I could be a better mum for my kids, but the reality is I'm doing the best I can. 

spandexben February 1, 2024

Wtf is this story? 

spandexben August 4, 2023

@mamamia-user-10757870 I guess the main concern that the main place these assaults occur is in the bathroom or nappy changing stations. I think cctv could be problematic in these areas. I personally don't have an issue with cctv. What would also be great is if child care centre was funded better and two workers could be assigned to toileting/nappy changing 

spandexben August 4, 2023

@rinarin No. But most children attending school are verbal and able to tell a parent when someone has touched them inappropriately 

spandexben July 26, 2023

I hope the bastard is charged with three counts of murder. Such a travesty. I'm so deeply saddened that this continues to be such a monumental issue in Australia. I'm grateful we don't have better access to firearms. I dread to think what these statistics would look like if we did. 

spandexben July 15, 2023

@banastas I have family members who have been hospitalised many times due to significant, chronic mental illnesses. I am well aware of how it can impact a person's decision making. 

spandexben July 15, 2023

@laura__palmer yeah I thought so too. I am not no contact with my mum, but I definitely have very limited contact with her for this very reason. She would also, take no accountability and paint herself as a victim. 

spandexben July 15, 2023

@rhianajharrison absolutely. No one cuts contact for no reason. 

spandexben July 15, 2023

No one cuts ties with a family member for no reason.  Children inherently want their parents in their lives which is why so many abused kids continue to have relationships with them. I'd bet almost everything I own there is a very good reason their daughter cut contact..

spandexben March 9, 2023

Child marriage is sadly, still very common in many countries, even the good ol' US of A. It is absolutely appalling that this happened and continues to happen.