Skibidi Toilet? Decoding Generation Alpha's 'language'.

The language of Generation Alpha has become somewhat of an enigma to those of us who are a little older.

These kids are unlike any of their predecessors, as they are growing up in a world where information is on the other end of a Google search and YouTube is their king.

This means they communicate incredibly different to the rest of us.

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Beyonce and Jay Z's daughter Blue Ivy, and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter North West are both part of Gen A. The oldest of the generation are 14 years old this year, and were born in 2010. 

Blue and North have already become major figures in their generation's cohort, because of their presence in pop culture (Blue has been considered a legend since her mother announced her pregnancy in 2011 and North has a public TikTok account with 20 million followers).

However, there are millions of kids just like them who are making trends and creating slang online.

Below we translate the words you've probably never heard of because Generation Alpha made them up. 

The Gen Alpha words you need to know.

Skibidi Toilet = Not everyone agrees on its meaning. It originated from the Russian rave band Little Big. A remix was made of the song and then repurposed on YouTube by the channel "DaFuq?!Boom!". In the clip, it shows a head in a toilet singing the song. It doesn't really mean anything. It's just an inside joke.

Only In Ohio or "Ohio" = To say this means that something is weird or strange or creepy. Since Ohio is considered to be a bit of a weird place, to call something 'Ohio' is an insult.  


Gyat or Gyatt = Big bottom.

Fanum tax = YouTube creator Fanum "taxed" people by stealing their food.

Dogwater = A derogatory term. It refers to an unskilled person. Used mostly while playing video games but also means "trash" outside of gaming.

Sus = To call someone sus means they are suspicious or suspect.

Bet = To agree with someone or something or means "okay".

Bussin = Means something is really good.

Drip = Means someone has good style or sense of fashion or that someone is wearing designer clothes.

Cap/No Cap = To "cap" means to lie. To say "no cap" means that you're... you guessed it... not lying.

Rizzler = A derivative of the word 'charisma'. Someone who is a pro at flirting with people, or has "good game".

Sigma = Widely known as the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet, Gen A use it to refer to a man who is popular and dominant. They may also have 'traditional values' that typically come off as sexist.

Mewing = A technique where the tongue is put at the top of the mouth to make the jaw look more square and improve sleep.

NPC = This means non-playable character, and usually refers to extras in a video game. It means the person doesn't think for themselves.

Feature Image: TikTok @kimandnorth.

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