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poodletime June 29, 2022

I'm utterly spent from women being the only voice in the fight against DV. It's high time MEN took over the role of advocay - they are the main perpetrators afterall. It's clear women can't fix this issue, men need to be the leaders of change. Why are men so silent on these issues? Look at what's going on in the world - men take power away from women any moment they can get. 

poodletime June 17, 2022

@cat I work at a school and I see it every day. The kids that frequent before- school-care are quite often tired, ratty and out of sorts before the school day has even begun. All teachers are aware of this as it impacts their teaching ability.  We live in a first-world nation, if we can't put our children first, then who can? 

poodletime June 16, 2022

@ska35 Agreed. Young children are just expected to be shoved into childcare from such a young age. I know so many heartbreaking stories from my Mother's Group of 2 year olds being woken up, put in the car and taken straight to daycare (where they eat breakfast, lunch and dinner), crying to be allowed to stay at home, just so mum can make it to work by 8am. And this is in wealthy areas with professional parents, not lower socio-economic areas. Kids are exhausted, not to mention sick, while parents are guilt-stricken, yet feel so much pressure to work. We created this society, surely life isn't meant to be like this?

poodletime May 23, 2022

The format is basically Paulie D and Vinnie's "Double Shot at Love". Jersery Shore lovers will know what I'm talking about.

poodletime April 18, 2022

I recently rewatched all the Girls seasons and they stand the test of time. The writing and character development is utterly brilliant - it's so good to see less -than-perfect people depicted on shows. Banging soundtrack, too. 

poodletime April 13, 2022

I hope the author posts this story and his experience on websites tageted towards men aswell, they would be impactful there as well. 

poodletime April 4, 2022

I just experienced multiple weeks of isolation as well. It was far worse than the usual lockdowns. At least then you could go to the shops for essential items, you could walk the dog, get a daily fix of exercise and a mental break from the four walls. This time around there was none of that. By the end of it it's a flat feeling, as though the house has become a part of you. 100% do not recommend. 

poodletime March 29, 2022

This article is mostly about the author and very little to do with the daughter. Personally I have never seen any kind of health screening like this occur (at least not in QLD schools). Is this normal in other states and territories? I have questioned averages and BMIs before to clinical dieticians and they have expressed to that that genetics, gender, nationality is all taken into consideration when making BMI charts.   I would have liked the article to focus more on the reasoning behind why schools undertake screenings like this. is there an obesity issue in your area? Do socio-economic factors come into play here? There was a lot to explore here and the focus was more on the mother's own issues than anything else. 

poodletime March 16, 2022

@melc74 They'd manage to bungle it and make it a confusing lecture about milkshakes the way they did the sexual consent video. 

poodletime February 8, 2022

@nessie can't just Google the ingrediaants...that's literally the entire point of this article and issue....

poodletime January 21, 2022

@rush He was a white educated male, this doesn't surprise me in the slighest! 

poodletime January 19, 2022

A true gentleman in every sense. Andre’s book was such a wonderful read – I learned so much. You don’t need to know much about the fashion industry to find this such a compelling read. His relationship with Karl Largerfield, and Karl’s ghosting of Andre was very sad, as too was reading about the sexual abuse Andre experienced in his youth. Andre’s story of Naomi Campbell being in a foul mood on a private jet because she’d had a croissant for breakfast gave me a big belly laugh. Interestingly, Andre never mentions his stint on America’s Top Model or Tyra Banks, not even in passing. That alone speaks volumes! You will be missed, Sir, rest in peace.

poodletime December 23, 2021

@anonymous Men have always expected women (their wives, mothers) to tend to them. Think of those "how to be a good housewife" manuals from the 1950s. Women  are culturally expected to wait on their husands hand and foot, prepare them incredible homecooked meals daily while smiling and greeting them with a full face of makeup! What planet did you grow up on when there didn't occur? Can you imagine an Italian Christmas dinner where men do all the cooking and the women sit on the couch wanting nothing but bbq sausages? 

poodletime December 19, 2021

I've been using olive oil on my face for around 15 years. It's the perfect makeup remover, try it if you don't believe me! Gentle, natural, good for the skin and cheap as chips. A French friend taught me this beauty secret and i've used nothing since. I have also used olive oil as a body oil for about 2 decades. So many guys have told me I have the softest skin the have ever felt. Again, try it! 

poodletime December 18, 2021

@jenhawk1094 That honestly sounds perfect. 

poodletime November 22, 2021

@cat Have you ever had Cogniative Behaviour Therapy? In this the therapists will explain "hmm, maybe there's another way of seeing this situation". Sometimes we need to be shown that not everything and everyone are against us. 

poodletime November 21, 2021

@cat I'm not suggesting she misunderstood her own experience. I'm suggesting that maybe she misinterpreted the motive of what these otherwise friendly colleagues were saying. Im sure if she actually asked what these women meant by their comments (rather than thinking the worst of her co-workers), then maybe they could shed some further insight into their own experiences. 

poodletime November 20, 2021

There’s another reason why the women in your story be asking you these questions: Men are typically VERY opinionated about women’s’ bodies…no matter how small or large you may be. I am small but throughout my dating life I’ve had men make so many rude and unwanted statements about my body. This includes being told that my boobs are so small I’ll never get a boyfriend and that I have a great body but I need to ‘fix my face’. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Men will always comment on a women’s body shape, regardless. Perhaps the women in your story are simply wondering “what negative stuff have you been told, because we hear negative stuff all the time!”

poodletime November 6, 2021

@cat Exactly my thought. Best of luck if you get divorced and find yourself with no skills and no super. It happens all too often. 

poodletime November 5, 2021

I gotta agree with Celeste on this one. Ratajkowski knows how to earn her bread and butter, and good on her. But she can't possibly deny that being naked in every shot isn't feeding into the objectification of women.