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poodletime October 7, 2021

I assume the author is not vaccinated? 

poodletime October 2, 2021

@mamamia-user-556745246 Yet another example of how the Australian Government is failing us by being so slow on rolling out this highly practial tool. 

poodletime October 2, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 He sounds like a total debbie downer to me! 

poodletime September 29, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 I guess just the acknowledgment that you have an alcohol issue is a very good step, and the coach can help the client access further services and point them in the right direction depending on their individual needs. Labels are often not always effective or relatable for people. For example in in sexual health there is a term ‘men who sleep with men’. These men may not consider themselves as being gay, maybe happily committed to female partners, but should still have access to sexual health information and services. 

poodletime September 25, 2021

Have you considered working in the not-for-profit or NGO sector? Move overseas and work as an advocate for victimes of human trafficking, people with disabilities or any other kind of service. I belive you will refind your passion, see the immense difference your work and education can make and meet some truely wonderful women. It will change your life. 

poodletime September 19, 2021

I think each and every missing woman should receive as much publicity and coverage as possible. The more this topic is in the spotlight, the better. 

poodletime September 4, 2021

I really hop ]e you can recover from this. Our neighbours are going through the same thing with their son. Can't recall the number of times he has punched holes in every wall, smashed every window, crashed 2 cars and being taken off by 6 police officers and an ambulance to the hospital, only to be back a few hours later.  The other children (in high school) have locks on their bedroom doors, but how they can manage the hours and hours of terror he puts the family though, I do not know. 

poodletime August 30, 2021

Hang on, hang on, hang on. You put your M&Ms in the feezer?? Should I be doing this? Is everyone doing this? Do they hurt your teeth or is it delicious? 

poodletime August 22, 2021

@cat Completely agree. No parties, no backpacking, no casual hookups at nightclubs, no international exchange opportunities, not even meeting many students from other countries at your own uni. These are the things you remember fondly of your youth. Instead they are stuck at home, no job, no work placements, only online tutorials. They deserve to get vaccinated asap.

poodletime August 19, 2021

It would be good if a man had been interviewed for this. In my social circle, it is the husbands that are vaccine-resistant, not even allowing their kids to get the normal childhood vaccinations. 

poodletime August 6, 2021

I'm angry that ScoMo has staunchly refused to expedite the construction of more quarantine facilities.  In QLD he rejected each and every offer of assistance from the private sector. For 18 months now he has done NOTHING.  NONE of this would be happening if hotel quarantine was working. 

poodletime July 28, 2021

@jen89  Dr Swan does an excellent job and is always reasonable and rational. He certainly does not say things for the "vibe" of it. And sigh, dare I ask, what rights are being "taken away?". 

poodletime July 17, 2021

This was me and I was ready to kill myself. The PTSD was too much. But after just 1 session of counselling I felt different. Hopeful. 10 sessions later and I was a changed woman. I went on to finish school, then university. Then a PhD. Happy. Not a failure and he didn't win. I have every faith that this can be you too. 

poodletime July 15, 2021

Tilda slays with everything she wears! Her entire look is always incredible. She has serious killer style. Absolute goals! 

poodletime July 14, 2021

@cat Quite honestly - perhaps parents are just responsible for feeding and bathing - and not necessarily even the feeding bit! Children undertake full-time working hours at daycare from before they can walk and talk. I know so many kids that spend more quality time with carers/teachers than with their actual parents. Not having 2 full-time working parents is seen as an Australian failure. Is it any wonder that kids want to chat with someone who knows their peer group? They may not know who else to turn to. 

poodletime July 13, 2021

@fightofyourlife I also already pay for Netflix and Hayu...strangely the two platforms not mentioned in this piece...

poodletime July 13, 2021

@fightofyourlife I don't have that many friends to share accounts with. I will also forget to cancel my first month's subscription. Looks like I'm outta luck!

poodletime July 13, 2021

This is great but they are all streaming on a whopping EIGHT different streaming platforms. With the exception of the shows streaming on SBS on Demand and ABC's i-view, who can afford to watch all these shows? 

poodletime July 9, 2021

I'm a solo mum and I'v e learned that if I want a single photo of me and my child on holidays then I have to take initiative and ask passing strangers to take our photo. It was awkward at the beginning but now it doesn't bother me at all. I also offer to take their photo, as actual photos are always better than selfies. 

poodletime July 9, 2021

"Sometimes there are some pleasures associated with socialising with your friends in person and consuming small amounts of alcohol". The thing is teenagers don't get together and drink a small amount - they binge until they are passed out unconscious, spewing, or both. At least this is what me and my friends did as underage drinkers. Socialising may be different these days, but thank goodness it doesn't revolve around booze.