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poodletime April 24, 2024

I find that if I want to compare products, I cut/paste their list of ingredients  into ChatGPT. It will then tell you the similarities and differences of the order of ingrediants, and what each ingrediant is used for. 

poodletime April 18, 2024

Women are cotinually terrorised by men. The contined, horrific numbers speak for themselves. Yet somehow these are not terrorist attacks.  It beggars belief. Imagine if a man walked into a workplace and killed a co -worker every week in Australia - it would be a national emergency. Yet men killing women they know is utterly acceptable, apparently. 

poodletime April 16, 2024

Men killing and all the men rioting for no reason at all. When will men get as sick of this as women are? 

poodletime April 7, 2024

My male partner is going down this path as well. He's highly educated, and not someone who you would think is easily led. I think it's the lack of control that white men are feeling. He talks about 'reverse racism' and 'being a white man is the worst thing you can now be'.  White men are feeling targetted, whether this is true or not, it's their perception. So they are clinging to men like Joe Rogan as a lifeboat. It's not helping women's rights at all, or any minoirty group, really. 

poodletime March 19, 2024

This was hilarious and...weirdly true. Thank you! 

poodletime March 14, 2024

@neri.j.smith I agree. She looks absolutely fine,, but will be complelety invisible. 

poodletime March 12, 2024

I put $100 on Tim 'opening up" the relationship again, if he hasn't already. 

poodletime December 19, 2023

@mamamia-user-482898552 Agreed! I remember desperately wanting a pair of Reeboks for Christmas when I was 12. My family couldn't afford it and I felt so left out. That was back in the early 1990s!  It is awful to 'want' these things, but when all your friends have them, and  female social cliques are at their most extreme, I feel like fitting in is better than being the sole person who stands out. 

poodletime December 15, 2023

@laura__palmer Yes it can be taken out of tax, but 1. If they work overseas and/or don't file an Australian tax return then Services Australia/Aust Government can't access any tax records (this was my experience);  2. I know many women with tradie partners/sole traders who are very skilled at moving/hiding money to make their tax payable as low as possible. This even happened to my accountant when she got divorced. If it wasn't for her clever understanding of the system, even skilled professionals are helpless to get child support. In her case, her ex managed to somehow get a bank loan for an incrediby expensive car, while crying poor to the ATO. She queried Services Australia as to how the bank would have approved this loan if he hadn't actually been earning a ton more than he stated. and 3. Men get paid in cash and simply don't claim it. Those are some of the simple, 101 ways men hide their income.

poodletime December 15, 2023

My experience with Services Australia was traumatic, probably as bad as dealing with Centrelink, except add a baby and a vengeful ex into the circumstance.  Thank god I could afford a lawyer, because after 3 years of waiting for a single dollar of child support, they had gotten nowhere.

poodletime November 28, 2023

@dbrown By women? Or by.....other men? 

poodletime November 22, 2023

@snorks It should  read  "Women parents, women carers and women teachers are encouraged to talk to children and young people..." because statistcially we know which gender is the most likely to offend....

poodletime October 17, 2023

Fantastic article!

poodletime August 25, 2023

Loved the season. I'm also an older succcessfull woman in a LAT relationship. It's perfect, I have the best of both worlds; my space and my man. 

poodletime August 17, 2023

I have zero issues with her flaunting her body - good on her for being born attractive. But what does she actually DO with her life? Does she have any qualifications or skills beyond her looks? If she does, she keeps these very hidden. 

poodletime August 9, 2023

@mamamia-user-482898552 Still, one can hardly compare being a doctor to being a nepo actor or "iinfluencer".

poodletime August 7, 2023

The guy kissed someone when separated. Are we really such a bunch of uptight prudes?

poodletime July 25, 2023

Keep watching and discover just how corrupt Mary and her 'church' are. There was method in making Mary the church leader and she plays the role well. 

poodletime July 20, 2023

A long time ago a French friend taught me to use olive oil on a tissue as eye makeup remover. It works like a charm for even the most blackest of mascara and eye shadows.  It's been years since I've bought any fancy, chemical-laden, expensive, trendy make-up-remover. Simple is best! 

poodletime June 23, 2023

Well done for speaking up. Your feelings are 100% legitimate, and it's terrible that strangers were trying to shame you. There are too many santimonious, judgemental people online, God forbid they ever find themselves feeling isolated for whatever reason. Well done and keep going.