Blue Ivy is every kid embarrassed by their parents.


So it seems that there is a limit to how cool Beyoncé is – and it’s been decided by her daughter, six-year-old Blue Ivy.

The mega star and her husband, Jay-Z, began their On The Run II Tour this month, which involves them performing on stage together, and gives the audience an insight into their lives via private, never-before-seen footage.

Audiences have been very receptive to the offer of such intimacy, with one key exception: the couple’s first-born, Blue Ivy.

Footage of the child’s response to seeing her parents has gone viral after it was shared on Instagram by Sara Emerson, a British Ticketmaster employee who was at the concert at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

As can be seen in the footage, at one point in the concert Blue Ivy freezes, with clear disgust on her face, covers her eyes, and finally, ducks for cover.


It’s unclear which video clip she was watching, but some fans suggested the Carters were nude, or in bed, during the footage.

Anyone who’s ever seen their parents in an intimate moment would be able to relate.  It was evidently a very surprising moment for the child, who could be seen at other times to be enjoying herself – and the sight of her parents.



It’s not the first time Blue Ivy has publicly disapproved of her her parents’ behaviour. At this year’s Grammy Awards, she again went viral as footage emerged of her signalling to her parents to hold their applause during ex-Fifth Harmony pop star Camila Cabello’s speech.


We hope the most recent incident will have finally taught the mega media moguls to control their exuberance, and to think of the children henceforth.

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