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amy August 11, 2020

@ak87 Agree. Also not a surgeon. Reconstructive surgery is an elective surgery, it's done during the day, no surgeon would be employed on nights only. If he even works at the hospital, it's as a wardie or security, maybe a nurse but they usually have a rotating shift roster.

amy May 31, 2020

But wait, were the kids ok? You can't just say he kidnapped the kids and not let us know if she got them back safe and sound

amy May 27, 2020

@healthglo She called the cops on a black man in the US saying she feared for her life. She could have got him killed. She got off lightly, should have gone to jail.

amy April 30, 2020

@kknt Yes! I was going to mention the NT. It'll be 4 weeks on Sunday, and as of today we only have 3 active cases remaining!

Amy April 16, 2020

lmao. If you watch his whole talk, you'll see that he says that if children are expected to live to adulthood (because of vaccines), their parents will CHOOSE to have less children. That's where the myth comes from.
The rest is also rubbish.

Amy March 9, 2020

You do not need to name someone to breach their confidentiality. The department released the doctor's clinic, gender and age. From 6 doctors at the clinic, it was not hard for the media to do the rest.
They had all the contact details of patients through the clinic's booking software, so they really didn't need to name the clinic at all.

Amy February 16, 2020

He was enjoying stringing you along, he got a kick out of it. He knew exactly why you asked him to lunch and that's why he immediately started talking about how proud he was of his girlfriend.

Amy February 1, 2020

Exactly - that's what I mean. They do not need to be in a hospital while they are asymptomatic and just need quarantine. They do need to be near a big hospital in case they get sick. The hospitals in Wuhan are already over capacity, but certainly the medical care would be better than Christmas island.

A dedicated hotel would be perfect for quarantine - separate rooms for each family group so they're not coming into contact each other, daily medical checks, and telecommunication if they are unwell between checks. Plus it's not a prison. And if they do become unwell, they can be transported to a big hospital. You could still have them pay for their flights and even accommodation, but at least it would give them the option of coming home.

Amy January 30, 2020

I wouldn't want to go to Christmas Island either. The medical facilities are not good enough.
They don't need to clear a hospital for them - they are not sick, just need to be isolated. Quarantine them all in a hotel or apartments in Aus. Safe for the rest of Australia, and close to a hospital if they get sick. They can have a nurse check each day, then home in 2 weeks if well.
They are Australian citizens ffs.

Amy January 30, 2020

No, but how do you know they recently travelled to China? Assuming everyone of Asian appearance is Chinese is racist, and how do you know Karen down the street didn't just get back from China as well?

Amy January 19, 2020

"even though I’m sure your marriage is now in a great place"
I doubt it. Once a cheater always a cheater - he's probably had a number of affairs.

Yes, what you did was awful, but I am glad you have grown as a person. His betrayal of his wife was worse, and I highly doubt it stopped with you. I hope she divorced him and found someone else who gives her the love she deserves.

Amy January 14, 2020

I think that's what the article is saying though - call out the behaviour, of course. But do not respond to hate with hate. Avoid getting nasty and personal - attack the behaviours only

Amy January 6, 2020

The author is American

Amy November 12, 2019

We've had all those discussions and been ignored. We're sick of expending emotional energy on replies to simply be ignored anyway. Hence "Ok, Boomer"

Amy October 26, 2019

Oh please. Don't be so naive. Sure, if you look at this piece on it's own you could have an argument, but Leunig has a history of being misogynistic and shaming women for not having kids and for returning to work after having kids.

Amy August 28, 2019

And this comment makes you look unattractive

Amy August 4, 2019

Of course, but it shouldn't have taken 10 months to get their kids back after the baby was diagnosed and they shouldn't be on a child abuse register.

Amy July 14, 2019

Like, I can see how if the clinic was not doing any checks that they could mix up embryos, but how on earth did they manage to put 2 different unrelated embryos in the one woman?

Amy July 1, 2019

“I did not kill Michael Jackson. He was a drug addict”

Yeah - you were his dealer. Propofol is for use in the operating theatre, it's not a sleeping drug! Damn right you killed him.

Amy June 21, 2019

If you have a diagnosed iron deficiency don't take this - it does not have nearly enough iron in it. It would be ok if you have a low iron diet but are not currently deficient.

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