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amy December 7, 2023

I'm going to go against the grain. Is it a bit shitty to go behind her back like this? Yes. But if he is actively looking to cheat, should she know? Also yes. But if you tell her, she may also blame you, especially since you've gone behind her back,

So YOU shouldn't tell her. Send her all the screenshots and proof from the instagram account. Tell her you thought he was single and found out he wasn't and tracked her down. Then delete the account and never do anything like that again.

amy July 25, 2023

It's not related to sex at all. Remember that in the US, seeing a gynaecologist is akin to seeing your GP for a well-woman check up. It was basically saying that now she is human and not a doll, she has real body parts and she needs to keep herself healthy, and that includes things like pap smears.

amy October 5, 2022

@helenzel A GP management plan can only be done if you have a chronic condition though. So if you have diabetes and you are overweight you can get dietician and exercise physiologist visits. If you are overweight or obese but healthy you cannot.

amy July 14, 2022

This doesn't seem right. The real estate failed to adequately secure their systems. She received an email from their real email address! The real estate should be liable here.

amy April 21, 2022

You do not need to vote for a major party. We have preferential voting and you cannot waste your vote!

Vote for whichever minor party most aligns with your values. As long as you preference the major party you least hate over the other one you are all good.

If minor parties get seats that is excellent. A minority government is not a bad thing and the minor parties will push the issues they (and you) care about.
And if they don't win seats, the major party can see where their preferences are coming from, so you are sending a message about what is important to you. And any party that gets at least 4% of first preferences gets paid for each first preference vote. The major parties get enough advertising money from corporate donors. Give your first preference to someone else.

amy November 4, 2021

You don't need a script to get the morning after pill. But if you get one, the pharmacist just dispenses it without the questions. Don't delay taking it to wait on a GP appointment, but if you can get a same day emergency appointment, you get to hand over a script without any humiliating public questioning.

amy August 23, 2021

@anonymous No, we can't tell other people what to do with their bodies. But when their choices put other people at risk, we can certainly judge them for their selfishness. 
When unvaccinated people overfill the ICUs, they are not only hurting themselves, but anyone else who happens to have a car accident or other serious illness.

amy June 17, 2021

Making it mandatory to be vaccinated to do certain jobs is just common sense. 

You don't have to get the vaccine, but if you make that choice, you should not be doing a job where you are putting the community at risk.

amy June 7, 2021

So what they told your mother has an element of truth but not the entire truth.

If twin babies share a placenta +/- the gestational sac then they are identical twins because that can only happen when a single embryo becomes two.
If there are separate placentas and sacs that can be either from two separate embryos or from identical twins who split early.
The only way to say twins are definitely fraternal at birth without DNA is if one is male and one is female.
So if your brothers weren't DNA tested it is definitely possible that they are identical as well. Highly likely if they somehow look more alike than  you and your sister!

amy April 19, 2021

This has been the attitude in many healthcare professions for years. As a resident, my surgical registrar bragged about once operating with a fever of 40C.

But these things are dangerous for the health of ourselves, our colleagues and our patients.
I am glad that where I work the attitude has shifted for the better with covid, but I am horrified that a pharmacy owner would treat someone like that. They should especially know better at the current time.

amy February 18, 2021

@gu3st If it drops anyone's revenue it will be the media companys - Facebook gives them millions in free traffic, so hopefully Murdoch et al see some consequences for this push. The inclusion of BOM etc was all based on algorithms - Facebook's own page was blocked! And that is all being rectified now.

I hope Facebook stands strong on this - the gall thinking they should pay for providing other sites with traffic!

amy February 18, 2021

@feast I think it was all based on algorithms. Facebook's own page was banned as well, they wouldn't have done that on purpose.

amy January 19, 2021

@cat That was Djokovic. Her husband is Bernard Tomic.

amy January 13, 2021

This is why job applications should be blinded. Have a HR person remove name & any identifying info. People in charge of selections see only relevant info and any unconscious biases are removed. 

amy October 6, 2020

@andreajw He hasn't. Watch the footage at the top of the white house stairs where he takes his mask off. He is clearly struggling to breathe (although trying very hard to hide it). He is not well.

And while it wouldn't be out of character for him to fake covid to play off that it is not serious, it is also not surprising that he caught it - he has barely been taking any precautions

amy October 6, 2020

@fightofyourlife Exactly. He was struggling. He's also nowhere near out of the woods - most people who get very sick do so around day 7-10, he's on day 6 (if reports of when his symptoms started are true). We'll see what happens this weekend.

amy August 11, 2020

@ak87 Agree. Also not a surgeon. Reconstructive surgery is an elective surgery, it's done during the day, no surgeon would be employed on nights only. If he even works at the hospital, it's as a wardie or security, maybe a nurse but they usually have a rotating shift roster.

amy May 31, 2020

But wait, were the kids ok? You can't just say he kidnapped the kids and not let us know if she got them back safe and sound

amy May 27, 2020

@healthglo She called the cops on a black man in the US saying she feared for her life. She could have got him killed. She got off lightly, should have gone to jail.

amy April 30, 2020

@kknt Yes! I was going to mention the NT. It'll be 4 weeks on Sunday, and as of today we only have 3 active cases remaining!