There's a new book that claims Donald and Melania Trump's relationship is a "non-marriage".


When Melania Knavs travelled from Slovenia to New York City to pursue a career in modelling in the ’90s, she never would have dreamed that she would one day become the first lady of the United States.

In September 1998, however, Melania met Donald Trump at the Times Square night club the Kit Kat Club during Fashion Week.

At the time, Melania, who was 28, was wary of entering a relationship with the 52-year-old man who was widely considered to be a ‘womaniser’.

But after giving the famous real estate mogul her phone number while Trump’s date was in the bathroom, the pair soon began a relationship and seven years later, they married.

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Today, Melania Trump is the first lady of the United States.

But according to a newly released book, the marriage between the Trumps might not be exactly what it seems.


In his highly anticipated second book, Siege: Trump Under Fire, journalist and author Michael Wolff alleged that the couple have a “non-marriage”, which is simply “rolled out for the cameras”.

The new book, which has been widely criticised by both sides of politics, also claims that the couple live largely separate lives and that their marriage is much like a “Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise deal”.

“I never saw any evidence of a marriage,” Steve Bannon, the director of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and a former advisor said in the book.

He also claimed that when Melania was mentioned, it “drew a puzzled look from Trump as if to say, ‘How is she relevant?'”

The book also alleges that the couple sleep in separate bedrooms in the White House, although it’s also believed that Melania is rarely there as she has “established a separate life for herself”.

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“Indeed, a distraught Melania, repeatedly assured by her husband during the campaign that there was no possibility he would win, had originally refused to move to Washington,” Wolff wrote.

“And, in fact, the First Lady was not really in the White House. It had taken Melania almost six months to officially relocate from New York to Washington, but that was in name only.”


According to Wolff, Melania spends most of her time in Maryland with her parents.

At this point, neither Trump or Melania have responded to the book’s claims. But over the years, many people have pointed to evidence that the couple’s marriage is not how it seems.

1. Inauguration Day.

From the very first moments of Inauguration Day, something didn’t seem quite right between the Trumps.

When the couple’s black S.U.V arrived at the White House where Barack and Michelle Obama were waiting to greet them, Trump left Melania behind to get out of the car herself and walked up the steps to meet the Obamas.

donald trump melania trump
Donald Trump greets Barack and Michelle Obama on Inauguration Day. Image: Getty.

According to Vanity Fair, former presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton all escorted their wives up the stairs.

The next day, #SaveMelania and #SadMelania were both trending on Twitter.

2. The baby contract.

In 2006, Melania gave birth to the couple's first child together – Barron Trump.

But according to reports in Marie Claire, it was alleged that Trump created a 'contract' before they fell pregnant to ensure Melania would get her pre-baby body back.

3. The body double conspiracy theory.

For over two years, conspiracy theorists have claimed that Melania Trump is often replaced by a body double who stands silently by the President’s side.

At one event in March, conspiracy theorists pointed out that the woman accompanying Trump didn't look like Melania at all.

From her height, to her much squarer jaw, to the fact that she held her husband’s hand despite previously avoiding almost all physical contact… well, it all seemed a little off to be the real Melania.


4. The hand holding.

Many people have linked the couple's lack of public displays of affection to potential troubles in their marriage.

Even when the Clintons, for instance, were dealing with marital troubles, the couple still appeared to have genuine moments of affection.

In footage captured in April 2018, however, Melania was spotted avoiding holding Trump's hand.

First, he brushes her hand and nothing. Then he tries again with what’s being described as a pinky wiggle, before he grabs hold and reluctantly, without a choice really, Melania squeezes back, stoney-faced the entire time.


You can watch the full exchange below:

5. The awkward tweet.

In 2017, Melania famously favourited a tweet about hating her husband.

After 45 minutes, the tweet was removed from Melania's list of favourites, which at the time, only included two tweets.


Of course, it could have been a simple mistake – but not to conspiracy theorists.

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