Just five signs the royals are trolling Donald Trump during his UK visit.

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President Donald Trump and his wife Melania have been in London for their first state visit to the UK for approximately 48 hours, and yes, there are already… problems.

There was the horrendous fist bump.

'How did they let you into my country.' Image via Getty.

There was the moment Trump appeared to fall asleep while the Queen delivered her state banquet speech.

There was the eerie photo of Ivanka and Jared staring out the windows of Buckingham Palace, as well as Melania's alarmingly literal outfit choices.

Image via Getty.

But it seems that while everyone's looking in the direction of the US President and his family, the royals are being... trolls.

We have a theory that ever since the Trumps landed, the royal family have been subtly conveying the message: gtfo how did we end up having to host these people.

You can watch one of Trump's embarrassing moments below. Post continues after video.


Let us explain.

1. The Queen didn't greet Donald and Melania Trump when they arrived.

When the Trumps landed via helicopter within the grounds of Buckingham Palace, they were met by Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

This would be... fine, except that when former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle landed during their state visit in 2016, the Queen was very much standing there ready to greet them.

COME SEE MY HOUSE. Image via Getty.

Look, maybe the Queen was busy when Donald and Melania arrived.

But all I'm saying is that I would also be busy if people were coming to visit that I didn't particularly want to spend time with. And who had also called my granddaughter-in-law 'nasty', and my mayor a 'stone cold loser'.

2. Camilla gave the press a sassy wink.



Walking behind Donald and Melania, Camilla looked straight at the cameras with a smile and gave a cheeky wink, as if to say, 'dude, I know right, this sucks'.

This was an overt instance of trolling which we appreciate.

3. Prince Harry appears to be intentionally avoiding Trump.

As the royals showed the Trumps around the Royal Collection at Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry seemed to hang back from the group.

Mostly, he spoke with Ivanka, and eventually moved to spend time with the Lord Chamberlain.


There are no photos of Prince Harry engaging in conversation with President Trump.

Maybe because his wife threatened to leave him if he did.

4. Meghan Markle is nowhere to be seen.

Speaking of Prince Harry's wife, Meghan Markle is very much avoiding the Trumps visit.

Yes, she gave birth less than a month ago, but if she really, really, really wanted to meet the president, she probably could.

It seems likely she... doesn't.

5. The Queen wore a crown to ward off evil... while sitting next to Trump.

Now for the best part.

During the state banquet held at Buckingham Palace on Monday, the Queen wore a very distinctive Burmese Ruby Tiara, containing rubies that were given to her as a wedding gift from the people of Burma (which is now Myanmar).

The rubies, according to traditional Burmese beliefs, are meant to protect their owner from evil.

Like the evil sitting next to her.

Image via Getty.

Of course, many have argued that the tiara's history is just a coincidence.

I, however, prefer to believe that the Queen is an undercover troll who knows exactly what she's doing.

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