The six most awkward moments (so far) from Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK.


It’s definitely not escaped your attention that the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is currently living it large in London.

He and Melania Trump have been hanging out with the Queen (but definitely not Meghan Markle), attending fancy state banquets at Buckingham Palace, and trying to keep the ‘special relationship’ between the United States and the United Kingdom alive.

The trip was always going to be, well, a colourful one.

Before he’d even landed on British soil, Trump was already angering people by firing shots at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, calling him “a stone cold loser” and labelling Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, ‘nasty’ before denying it (despite the fact it was caught on tape. Anyway…).

The citizens of the UK aren’t exactly having the best time of it because of the whole Brexit kerfuffle, so at least Trump’s visit is a distraction of sorts?

With Trump being such a divisive figure, there’s always going to be some excellent awkward moments for the rest of us to enjoy.

Here are the six most awkward moments from his trip so far.

Fist bumping Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

donald trump queen elizabeth
"What on earth is one doing with one's hand?" Image: Getty.

Donald, please. Known for his 'unusual' method of shaking hands, Trump clearly had no idea what to do when presented with Her Majesty’s hand as he couldn’t exactly squeeze her and pull her in the way he does to male world leaders. So he seemingly fist bumped her instead. You can watch below. 

Camilla’s cheeky wink behind Trump's back.


Many people are interpreting Camilla's wink as a bit of an eye roll gesture. A "Can you believe I have to hang out with this plum?" of sorts. Make of it what you will.

The penis welcome.

18-year-old student Ollie Nancarrow took time away from studying for an exam to carve out a message for the US President in his family's fields which are located next to Stansted airport where Trump landed. He's an impressive mower, we'll give him that.


The ‘non-existent’ protesters.

Trump used his medium of choice, Twitter, to tell the world he'd received a great welcome in London and there were no protesters.

"London part of trip is going really well," he tweeted. "The Queen and the entire Royal family have been fantastic. The relationship with the United Kingdom is very strong. Tremendous crowds of well wishers and people that love our Country. Haven’t seen any protests yet, but I’m sure the Fake News will be working hard to find them. Great love all around."

This is a picture from outside Buckingham Palace:

Trump said there were no protesters. Image: Getty.

As you can see, there are absolutely no protesters. None. Nada.

There was also a projection of Trump's approval ratings on the iconic Tower of London. The stunt was organised by anti-Brexit group, Led By Donkeys.


More protests are expected tomorrow as Trump meets with exiting Prime Minister Theresa May. The Trump Baby is set to make a reappearance.


This picture of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in a window in Buckingham Palace.

Somehow... sinister? Image: Getty

We’re not sure why this picture of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump is awkward but it just is. Maybe they're wondering what's for dinner. Maybe they're looking at the imaginary protesters. Maybe they're plotting to overthrow the monarchy. We just don't know.


Trump appearing to fall asleep during the Queen's address.

OK, we'll level with you here. This is the first time we've ever related to The Donald as we sit in another meeting that could've been an email. Sometimes you get tired. Or maybe he was just listening real hard. Maybe he'll let us know on Twitter.

We're sure there'll be plenty more awkward shenanigans to come. Watch this space.