All the thoughts we have about Melania Trump's bizarre celebratory birthday photo.

Over the weekend Melania Trump turned 49, and the White House decided to mark the occasion of their First Lady’s day of birth, with a particularly strange choice of photo.

In it, Melania (or FLOTUS as she appears on Twitter) is sitting alone on a couch in a green coat with an odd look on her face.

A hoard of photographers surround her, but they seem to be focused on something out of view.

Speaking of birthdays. Is it or is it not okay to sing happy birthday at restaurants? Post continues after video.

Video by MMC

Melania appears isolated, alone, and not particularly impressed it’s her birthday. Her husband, President Donald Trump and son, are also nowhere to be seen.

The photo in fact, wasn’t even taken on her birthday – it was from March when her husband met his Czech counterpart Andrej Babis.

The White House Twitter message reads; “Happy Birthday @FLOTUS!”


You can always rely on Twitter to deliver with all of the opinions ever.

And while many were just plain appalled writing things like “lovely photo to choose of your wife on her birthday,” and “sitting alone while every single person in the room ignores her in favour of someone else…that’s the photo you go with?”

All very valid points.

Others, took a more comical route to point out the ridiculous choice for a birthday shout-out.

Here are our favourites:





But perhaps the best response of all, was the person who chose to remind the White House of what a First Lady’s photo should or could look like, on her birthday.

A little reminder from the Obamas on how it’s done.

Take note, White House.