What My Salary Gets Me: A 22-year-old disability worker who spends $1117.75 on pay day alone.


Mamamia’s What My Salary Gets Me asks Australians to record a week in their financial lives. Kind of like a sex diary but with money. So not like a sex diary at all. We still find out the best kept secrets though. We discover what women are really spending their hard-earned cash on. Nothing is too outrageous or too sacred. This week, a 22-year-old disability worker from Young, NSW, shares her money diary.

Age: 22
Job: Disability worker
Salary: $38,000
Housing: Renting with my mother
Savings: $2000
Car: $5000
Household content: $5000

Regular expenses (monthly):

Rent – $600
Phone – $170
Fuel – $100
Anytime Fitness – $59
Utilities – $100
Internet – $60
Netflix – $15.99
Foxtel – $50
Spotify – $5.99
Consolidated loan: $260 repayment

Monday – Day one

I finish work at 6am after doing a sleepover so I drive home, shower and lie on the lounge binge-watching Netflix for the rest of the day. Mum shouts me a coffee from McDonald’s. I snack on food in the fridge during the day. I look at Sephora and Mecca online but talk myself out of buying anything. I love online shopping.

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Daily total – $0

Tuesday – Day two

Fortnightly pay day! Yes! I am a causal so my pay relies on how much I work. I worked quite a bit this fortnight so my pay is surprisingly good. I pay all my bills and expenses this week so next week is what I call “poor week”. Poor week includes eating 2 minute noodles and toasted cheese sandwiches, but I don’t have to worry about any bills or rent due. I enjoy travelling around so I am saving for my next trip in October. The first thing to come out of my account is my monthly gym membership ($59.00), which I should cancel because I don’t use. I started work at 6.30am and finished at 11.00am. After work, I fill my car up with premium fuel, ($41, joys of a small hatchback car). I go to the chemist and collect my monthly prescription ($6.50). Since the weather is getting nicer I’m getting out into the backyard more, so I duck into Big W to buy some garden tools and some half-price NapiSan. I also get cash out at the register to pay my dog groomer for clipping my dog’s nails ($51.50). I remember that I need some body wash and a new shower puff so I go into The Reject Shop. I also pick up a new lip balm there ($4.75). As I walk towards my car, the overwhelming smell of the bakery where I parked my car attracts me and I buy lunch and a coffee ($15.00).

I get home and pay my fortnightly rent ($300), car insurance ($26.00), half my phone bill ($85.00) and some Afterpay payments for Sephora purchases ($29.00). I transfer $500 to my savings account and plan to transfer more next week.


Daily total – $1,117.75 ($500 to savings account).

Wednesday – Day three

Day off work today, before starting six shifts in a row. I plan to do some gardening, laundry and general tidying of the house. My mum and I moved in together when my parents separated last year so we share the household duties and cooking. My consolidated loan repayment automatically comes out ($131.00). I go to Aldi to get some cat food and groceries for the week ($40.00). I make a chicken, cheese and tomato toastie and a coffee for lunch and hang out watching Foxtel for the afternoon.

Daily total – $171.00

Thursday – Day four

I wake at 5.30am, make some quick oats, and a coffee in my coffee machine and head to work for a 6.30am start. I finish at 2.30pm. I head home and watch some TV.

Daily total – $0.00

Friday – Day five

Another 5.30am wake up for a 6.30am work start. I have some quick oats and coffee before heading off. Mum asks me to grab some bread from Bakers Delight on my break ($8.50). Dinner is a toasted sandwich.

Daily total – $8.50

Saturday – Day six

I am on the afternoon shift at work so I start at 11.30am. I grab a hot chocolate from McDonald’s before heading to work ($5.10). I finish at 8pm. Mum cooks chicken wings for dinner.

Daily total – $5.10

Sunday – Day seven

9.30am start for work this morning. I make a coffee and head off. I have a quick lunch break and have two pieces of toast with cheese for lunch. Dinner is scrambled eggs.


Daily total – $0.00

Weekly total: $1301.75 ($500 into savings account)

Reflection: Typical pay week for me. Paid my bills straight away so I don’t have to worry about it. I usually have some takeaway for dinner but haven’t really felt like it lately. I am trying to be more conscious of my spending and trying to save as I know what it feels like to have 20 cents to my name.

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