Celeb in 5: Wednesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. “You’ve been a little liar.” Married at First Sight’s Cyrell’s confrontation with Nic live on air.

Um. Things in the world of MAFS just got a whole new level of complicated.

Appearing on the the Kyle And Jackie O Show this morning, 28-year-old Cyrell Paule completely blew up at her reality TV husband, 29-year-old Nic Jovanovic, with vague claims that he had cheated on her with fellow contestant Jessika Power.



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I’m smiling but please send help… Pringle’s is holding me hostage #MAFS

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“Don’t you ever ever paint my brother as a liar!” she began the rant.


“Because we all know and all the contestants know who the real liar is. I’ve told you this once and I’ll tell you again, if you thought I was the worst wife, then you don’t want me as your worst enemy,” she added.

Nic responded with… a nervous chuckle, only further enraging the reality star.

“When the moment comes, and that time is coming close and you know it too, I will prove that you’ve been cheating! I will prove that you’ve been a little liar!” Cyrell screamed, before threatening to get Jessika’s TV husband Mick involved.

When asked explicitly whether there was an affair, all involved refused to comment.

This is a case for FBI.

2. “Mack is enamoured with his new sister.” Allison Langdon shares first photos of her baby girl.

60 Minutes reporter Allison Langdon has shared the very first images of her and husband’s baby girl, Scout Heather, who was born on March 9.

The 39-year-old shared a collage of images on her Instagram, showcasing her two-year-old son Mack, with his new sister.

“It’s taken a few days but Mack is enamoured with his new baby sister Scout Heather, he’s decided she can stay (for now!)” the journalist captioned the image.


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It’s taken a few days but Mack is enamoured with his new baby sister Scout Heather, he’s decided she can stay (for now!)

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The birth of the couple’s daughter came just days after Langdon’s husband’s father, Mike Willesee, passed away.

Prior to the birth of their daughter, Langdon was seen at the funeral mass of her father-in-law at Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral.

Richard Wilkins, A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw and Sunday Night host Melissa Doyle were also in attendance.

3. Why Sophie Monk will reportedly never appear on Channel 10 again.

When Sophie Monk and her chosen Bachelorette partner, Stu Laundy went on The Project in October of 2017, it turned out to be her last ever appearance on Channel 10.

Despite being one of the network’s biggest stars, she would later become the host of Channel 9’s Love Island, and according to Rob McKnight – the host of the entertainment podcast TV Blackbox – it had everything to do with the awkward interview between Monk and host, Meshel Laurie.

Laurie asked the couple whether they were still together and their awkward response led the nation to believe they had already split up, days after the season finale.

“I’d like to think so…” began Sophie, as Stu joked, “Well… it’s been a rough afternoon.”

Revisit Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy’s awkward moment on The Project:

Video by The Project

Sharing the inside gossip on the rumoured clash on the podcast, McKnight said Monk’s managers “went ballistic”.

“[She] got a grilling on The Project and her managers just went ballistic. And have you ever seen Sophie Monk on Channel 10 again? No,” he said.

“And I’m telling you, you will not see her for a very, very, very long time because they will have nothing to do with Ten after the way she was treated and grilled after that episode.”

Naturally, Monk’s manager has denied the claims, telling the Daily Mail she has a “great relationship” with Channel 10, while also insinuating McKnight was still angry at being fired as Studio 10’s executive producer in 2017.

“Rob’s axing from Ten seems to have made him a little bitter,” said Day.


4. Jennifer Lopez has finally shared pics of the moment Alex Rodriguez proposed to her.

Just three days ago, baseball star Alex Rodriguez proposed to his girlfriend of two years, Jennifer Lawrence, and now we have the photos.

Both Lopez, 49, and Rodriguez, 43, shared the halo-tinted snaps from the moment the Yankees player popped the question, while they were on a beach at sun set. Naturally.

Previous to this, fans were only privy to the immaculate diamond ring Rodriguez used to propose with, which he shared in an earlier post.


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she said yes ♥️

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According to People, the couple first met in 2005 when the singer was still married to her third husband, Marc Antony, who she separated from in 2014.

However, she wouldn’t begin dating Rodriguez till a decade later in 2017.

5. The close up of a piece of paper that confirms our suspicions about Married at First Sight.

While we can’t stop watching Married at First Sight, it continues to give us reasons to think it might be… entirely fake.

This season’s editing fails have been plentiful, and while we’ve long known every reality program is controlled to some extent by producers, we’d like to at least pretend some of it is real.

Last night’s addition to the collection of editing fails/proof of blatant over-production was the list of questions Tamara’s family had for Dan.


On meeting Tamara’s aunt and sister, shady Dan was placed squarely under the grill via a printed list of prepared questions. But we couldn’t help but notice something… odd about the list.

Each question had a tick next to it, as though it had been approved by ~someone~ who we strongly suspect is on the Channel 9 payroll.

It's an EXPERIMENT, not a SHOW. Image: Channel 9.

We also noticed that each reference to a “show” had been crossed out in place of “experiment,” because god dammit Tamara’s relatives, we are trying to fool viewers into believing these people are honestly looking for love and not Instagram followers.


We also feel like John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Trisha Stratford would strongly object to their expertise contributing to just a "show" and not an "experiment".

You can read our full story on this suspicious piece of paper here.

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