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"The producer made me say it." MAFS' Lauren claims she's been misrepresented on reality show.

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Lauren Huntriss’ revelation that she “used to be a lesbian” to husband Matt Bennett frustrated and confused some Married At First Sight viewers.

But in a recent Facebook comment, the 31-year-old clarified that she never wanted to phrase her sexual experience like that, and was told to by the show’s producers.

The Sydney makeup artist also claims that she was edited to look like a “deadset nympho” in that infamously awkward conversation with her reality TV husband.

Lauren first asked the 29-year-old is he could take a bit more control in the bedroom before asking about partner swapping.

“How would you feel if I was into swinging? Threesomes?” she asked. “I just want to unleash the beast.”

Matt was visibly freaked out by these comments and it was only a short time later that he told fellow participants at the dinner party that he wasn’t attracted to his wife.

Lauren told a fan on Facebook that she was actually joking with those comments.

“Don’t worry about the fact I’ve been nothing but supportive and patient with Matt for four weeks leading up to this conversation where I was clearly joking about the swinging and threesomes,” she wrote, the Daily Mail reports.

She also cleared up the comment that bothered viewers who accused her of trivialising non-heteronormative sexuality and offending those who say you can’t just stop being a lesbian.

“And for the record, I never chose the word ‘lesbian’,” she continued.

“I initially said ‘I used to see women because I hated men when I was 18-20 due to something personal,’ but no it wasn’t dramatic enough so the producer made me say the word ‘lesbian’.

lauren mafs
Lauren says she didn't want to use the word lesbian. Image: Channel Nine.

"To clarify I never was a lesbian, I had sexual experiences when I was 18 ffs."

These Facebook comments come after similar ones made on her Instagram page, where she slammed her TV husband and his sympathetic treatment on the show.

After the episode in which Matt announced he wasn't attracted to Lauren aired, a friend of hers posted a sympathetic comment on her latest Instagram photo. The friend lamented that she hadn't had an opportunity to tell her own story while the couple's screentime focused on Matt's struggles.

"Absolutely, it’s completely unfair," Lauren replied. "Apparently I don’t matter. What can ya do?"

Another friend commented that Matt seemed to not be very sensitive to Lauren's feelings.

"Unfortunately he’s not capable of feelings," Lauren replied. "Since day one it was all about him. I was nothing but supportive and caring of him. This entire story was his story. I’m sick of the excuses."

Image via Instagram.

In comments that appear to have been since deleted, Lauren further admonished her reality TV husband.

"After all I did for him to turn around and say that and not be a man and speak to me in private about how he was feelings," she said, according to

"I’m such an open, non-judgmental person, and the fact that he couldn’t discuss this with me hurts.

"I asked him all the time how he was feeling about everything, and he always just said 'great'!

"Honesty, communication and being open are so important in relationships, something he wouldn’t understand because he’d never been in a relationship ever. Also, something that wasn’t fair on me."

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