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The awkward Married at First Sight editing fail that has us convinced one scene was staged.

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We know when we sit down for a drama-filled Married At First Sight episode, that maybe what we’re being shown isn’t exactly how it went down in the room during filming.

But the latest editing fail has fans questioning just how much of what we see is taken out of context.

During Sunday night’s commitment ceremony, Jessika and Mick sit down on the couch to discuss their week. Less than a minute in, Jess says her husband is concerned that people in the group think he’s a “sexual predator”.

At that point, we cut to Mike’s confused reaction. Yep, seems fine. Except as some viewers in the Married At First Sight Lols Facebook group noticed, Jessika can be clearly seen sitting behind Mike.

See it for yourself: 

As far as we know, Jessika didn’t enter this competition as an identical twin (that happened in season four) and it’s unlikely she’s developed magical abilities.

Therefore, we must conclude that Mike’s reaction wasn’t to what Jessika said, but to another contestant at another point during the evening, or maybe even to a producer saying they’ve got to keep filming for another two hours.

Alternatively, perhaps contestant’s reactions are filmed separately, and just mashed together to set the scene in post-production.

So far this season we’ve had plenty of reminders not to trust everything we’re shown.

Editing fails surrounding Ines and Sam, including a different door and colour-changing underwear, had many fans concluding that their affair was staged.

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