Those '70s-esque curtain bangs are back - and yes, you can pull 'em off.

Long, groovy bangs are very cool and popular right now and all your celeb crushes have them, so that definitely means they're a REAL thing that's 'in'. C'mon, as if we would tell you to do something that's un-cool! Sheesh.

We reckon they would suit you, y'know. 

And anyone can get them, really. It doesn't matter if you've been blessed with 17 cowlicks or a hairline full of pesky, frizzy baby hairs - cause this cult cut suits any head. 

Curtain bangs are a fresh, relaxed style that's super versatile - and they're the perfect way to dip your toes into the fringe game if you've been way too nervous about getting one before.

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Umm, cool story. What exactly are curtain bangs?

Named that way because this style of fringe mimics the way curtains part in the middle, it's THE celeb go-to right now, as seen on the ever-stylish Dakota Johnson.

It's also a cut loved by Kaley Cuoco (hands up if you've seen her hair in new series The Flight Attendant and wanted yours to look like that? Yep, us too), as well as JLo, Hilary Duff, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry and Zoe Deschanel. And there's a reason it's so desirable. Whether your locks are straight, wavy or curly, there's a way to make this look work for you.

"Everyone loves to play around with their bangs," explains Education Director at Edwards and Co, Michael Kelly. "This is a low commitment way of really changing up your look without having to suffer for it if it doesn't work."

Spring hair trends curtain fringe
The middle-parted fringe is super flattering and practically foolproof. Image: Getty.

Actor Yara Shahidi is a fan of the middle-parted style for her curly hair. Image: Getty.

He adds that even if you don't love this cut on yourself, "the biggest risk is that you have to grow it out for a month or so."


But all in all? It's pretty foolproof.

"The best part of this fringe is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. The more dishevelled and loose it is the better it will sit. Think Bridgette Bardot but 2019!"


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It's also a style with minimal upkeep required, which is music to our ears. The colourist suggests "Regular fringe trims to remove the right amount of weight so your fringe has an airy feel."

"A good paddle brush will be a lifesaver, and have a good dry shampoo on hand to avoid that slick look."

Anyway, why don't you try it? Do it!

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Feature image: Getty; @hollywoodproductioncentre

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