All the cutest Christmas manicure ideas to take to your next nail appointment.

Whether you're a fan of press-on nails, SNS, shellac, BIAB nails, Russian manicures – heck, even Japanese manicures – there's a holiday nail trend for everyone.

And before you ask, no. Your nails don't have to be covered in Christmas trees, snowflakes and santa. (Unless you want to, of course!).

If you're looking for something a little more understated (alright, a little fresher), there are actually tons of super chic Christmas nail art ideas that'll add a subtle pop of festivity to your beauty look. The kind of nail art that doesn't scream SANTA'S COMING.

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Looking for the best Christmas manicures to try? We've got you covered.

From sparkles and metallics to classic colours and fun nail art designs, we've rounded up inspo for your next holiday season-inspired manicure.

Scroll on through!

The best Christmas nail ideas.

Starry night.


Don't even try to suggest this nativity scene-worthy nail art isn't the cutest Christmas manicure going. Classic star or sparkle shapes are just timeless and the easiest way to jump on board festive nails looks. We love.



Glitter for party season nails? Groundbreaking. As shared by nail queen Betina Goldstein (if you don't already follow her – ya gotta), this manicure somehow sits between subtle and magical in the most elegant way possible. 

Metallic tips.


French manicures have come back in a big way in recent times, showing off a little bit of a glow up – with fluro tips and funky designs adding a modern twist to a go-to favourite. If you want to step it up and add a little splash of festivity to you French mani, add a jazzy metallic tip. Cute!

Candy cane hearts.


If you're a lazy gal (all of us) take inspo from @overglowedit and these cute candy cane heart stickers – you literally can't go wrong with an effortless mani like this! Obsessed.

Twisted French tips.


Take the classic French manicure and turn it on its head by mixing up the traditional recipe, starting at your cuticle instead of the tips of your nails. We love this gold metallic touch – it's simple, yet fun.

Emerald green velvet.

Drool. Okay, I know we promised no Christmas tree-related business, but this is more of a metallic/velvet tinsel vibe – and it's bloody stunning. Bookmarked.

Classic red or burgundy. 


Look, it's a classic for a reason. If you're looking to go risk-free and not too 'out there' with your holiday nail choice, you can't go wrong with a traditional shade of red or a deep burgundy hue. Both parts chic and festive.

Would you go for any of the Christmas manicures above? Share your favourite with us in the comment section below.

Feature Image: Instagram:, @overglowedit, @sgbeauty.ldn. 

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